Kid Cudi relives A Kid Named Cudi

Late last night, Kid Cudi was in feel-good nostalgic mode and relived the trailer for his first project back in ’08 — the now iconic debut mixtape that got the attention of everyone: a Kid named Cudi.

Likewise, chills. (And remember this is before HD!)

Also, the coolest thing about this is how you can feel Cudi’s energy as a young artist and his words back then reign even taller today when you reflect upon his whole career thus far.

This of course sent me on a rabbit hole of old Cudi goodness. I didn’t know Vashtie directed the video for “Heaven @ Night” so I watched that behind the scenes, the actual video itself, and then an interview where Cudi disses hip hop (not from this time, but still had to rewind this one.) All below so you can follow me down that same rabbit hole 🙂