Joe Budden “SlaughterMouse”

Joe Budden’s going solo with his next project — a new album titled, All Love Lost.

The first preview is a well-executed storyteller and attention getter as “SlaughterMouse” is an open letter addressed to Eminem.

Above, Budden masterfully engages the listener by revealing some honest thoughts and insight back to his career moves with Slaughterhouse. Don’t get it twisted too: it’s not an Eminem diss. Joe is rather thankful and matter of fact at times, while also asking for advice about how to go about his career from here, in this rap climate. Plus, Budden breaks down how he and Em are actually very similar and it’s hard not to argue that after this.

araabMUZIK produces so you know you get a good beat across 4+ minutes that fades out and indicates Budden has even more to say. It’s all raps and it’s all worth a listen. Down below, an interview on the track itself with Genius’ Rob Markman so you can hear all about his mindset and a breakdown of some specific lines too. Watch that if you’re here too.

All Love Lost drops October 16th.

*Tibs Fav.