Pau Gasol 40 PTS vs. France (Full Highlights)

It’s September and NBA season is both too far removed and so close, yet still far away.

Fortunately, there’s FIBA play and Eurobasket has been a delight this past week and a half. None moreso than yesterday as bitter rivals Spain and France competed in an overtime battle that saw Spain winning the semifinal and locking up a birth in next year’s Olympics.

For that, they have Pau Gasol to thank. He scored an international career high of 40 points (half of the team’s 80) and did it on NBA nerd darling Rudy Gobert along the way. Pau’s stretch on both offense and defense from the 3 minute mark onward in the 4th quarter was particularly incredible. Plus, Bulls fans will enjoy the give-and-go with fellow starting Spain forward Nikola Mirotic at the beginning of the full highlight video above.

Pau & Co. will take on Jonas Valanciunas and Lithuania in the Eurobasket Final on Sunday.


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