Vic Spencer vs. Mick Jenkins

Two Chicago emcees that we’ve supported now for a minute are beefing with each other and today, Mick Jenkins fires back a diss track at Vic Spencer for his “Dick Jerkins” released a couple weeks ago.

On one hand, it’s cool to see the competitive aggression between the two and no doubt since both are talented they each have their moments. I don’t think there’s a clear cut winner like a Drake vs. Meek Mill either and that speaks more to each of the tracks themselves being solid.

(One fun note outside of the music: I do appreciate Mick using the Why You Lying meme. That’s still hilarious to me, hah!)

At the end of the day though, I have a feeling it won’t escalate too much beyond this, but knowing Vic and how quickly he can produce some new rhymes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops a quick response. It’s cool to hear them both together just from an impartial fan perspective so do just that below.