NBA 2K16 Momentous Trailer

The midnight release I’m most excited about on this #NewMusicFriday is actually not music-related.

It’s NBA 2K16 as the game drops tomorrow for pre-orders and we’re greeted with an all-new trailer to get us even more hyped.

The Momentous trailer highlights all of the stars, and in this one, it’s amazing to see many of their signature subtleties. They have everything from Curry’s mean mug (after the 3 over Dellavedova in Game 5) to Harden’s Lil B cooking motion (of course) to even Chris Bosh videobombing a post-game interview. It’s all great, and the game looks fantastic. Can’t wait to pick it up and just have that be my life until the real NBA season starts, ha!

Enjoy below: