Sia “Alive”

Sia is ready to drop a new solo album after the success of singles like “Elastic Heart” this year. The 1st single is “Alive” and co-written with Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr.

Knowing that, you can’t help but get an Adele vibe in Sia’s delivery and now I kinda want to hear Adele sing this. But that said, Sia does the job wonderfully and this is an empowering anthem that people can certainly go to to remind themselves they’ve survived everyday up to this point.

One other note: Sia’s album is called This Is Acting, which takes its name from the fact that Sia initally wrote every song off the album for other artists. I wonder what other vibes we’ll get now. I’m betting one for Rihanna. But for now, be prepared to hear “Alive” on the top 40 stations. And that’s a good thing.

UPDATE: Sia talked with Beats 1 (via NME), and actually said that Adele and Rihanna were interested in “Alive.” Ha! My Rihanna intuition is kinda correct.

But get this: “Adele heard it and asked if she could have it,” said Sia, “I thought ‘Do I like it, or do I like a million dollars? She cut it and it was so amazing. I’m a huge fan of her voice.” AND Rihanna at one point owned the song but it was eventually returned: “I had seller’s remorse because I was attached to it, I regretted it. Then she gave it back to me and I was relieved.”

Here’s what I’m most excited for now:

I don’t normally write with artists, it just makes it harder and takes longer for me. It’s easier for me to write the songs and just pitch them. I think [FKA] Twigs is really interesting and I want to work with her. We’re going to get some crazy choruses.