ZHU x A-Trak x Keznamdi “As Crazy As It Is”

After the sleek, animated teaser yesterday, ZHU wastes little time to premiere “As Crazy As It Is” — a catchy collab with A-Trak and Jamaican singer Keznamdi. Their vocals (ZHU’s high-pitch and Keznamdi’s smooth flow) wonderfully contrast and are both catchy as hell. Had to emphasize catchy.

Conceptually too, can’t you relate to not being to live without that special someone? The production is appropriately smooth with synths and guitar chords mixed in with some A-Trak scratches (among other areas of contribution I’m sure) for a true merging of multiple genres. That accounts for everything… all the aspects of this song are on point and I’m on repeat listen #3 as I write this. Hopefully we see a full version of that video sometime soon too.

*Tibs Fav. 


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