Big Grams EP (Big Boi & Phantogram)

UPDATE: Their performance on Jimmy Fallon is below. “Fell In The Sun” (with some dope sounds and lighting) below.

On cue, Big Boi & Phantogram release their collaborative Big Grams EP — 7 new tracks that turn out to reinterpret or look at the 7 Deadly Sins from a different perspective.

Here’s an example:

And here is the tracklist, with the sin that it thematically coincides with:

01 “Run for Your Life” [SLOTH]
02 “Lights On” [PRIDE]
03 “Fell In The Sun” [ENVY]
04 “Put It On Her” [LUST]
05 “Goldmine Junkie” [GREED]
06 “Born To Shine” f/ Run the Jewels [GLUTTONY]
07 “Drum Machine” f/ Skrillex [WRATH]

Stream on Spotify, and available everywhere today, below.