Raury ‘The Woods’ Album Stream

I was just talking with my friend about how trash the music industry is, because many artists succumb to putting out hateful messages because that’s what is pushed to sell to dumb down the people to control them. Not everyone has the consciousness or will power to transcend the evils of the world, and sometimes good people unconsciously fall prey to it. Then my friend was like what happened to Raury who is one of the dudes that makes uplifting music for the Soul.

He said his friend saw Raury perform at a house birthday party on the lowkey, and that he got jaded by the music industry. That makes sense to me, because whenever there is a genuine positive movement that gains momentum… the separation anomaly… the forces of darkness infiltrate the thoughts and emotions of the people within that movement in order to sabotage and dissipate the growing forces of Love. The darkness finds whatever unresolved triggers it can within the auric fields of the group leaders, and then slowly turns them away from the unity and original purpose of Love. The darkness relentlessly manipulates their perspective against each other in subtle ways, and distorts their emotions in a way that causes the separation.

If people within those movements (like Love Renaissance for example) are unaware of the intangible darkness that is sabotaging genuine bonds, then they can take it to heart.. take it very personally as deep betrayal. And if not careful it can immobilize the heroes from being the Love that they are. However, I believe that the really strong ones, the Indigos, find their way back to the Light.. stronger.. and more equipped with knowing what they are dealing with.. the intangible darkness that twists people’s minds and emotions. The heroes forgive the people, because it is not that the people are bad, but the darkness that tangled them from within to take negative actions against their most loved ones.

20180523_Part 4. 1. Mission.jpg

There is a war on consciousness going on, and music is a tool for freedom. The forces of darkness are rewarding music that suppresses, but the true leaders are the rebels that go against the grain… and let their Soul shine to free themselves and humanity from the negative matrix that is designed to enslave us all. It takes a warrior’s mentality and self awareness to transform oneself from darkness to Light. Change yourself, change the world. Anyway I looked up what Raury was up to now, and saw that he recently released a new album independently called ‘The Woods’. It’s lovely and beautiful. Listen to it, your Soul will appreciate it. I’m happy to see Raury back from the transformation with the Force guiding him to anchor more Love on the planet.

20180523_Part 4. 3. Crack.jpg

If you are an Indigo Child, and you are feeling suppressed.. you are not alone.. transform all the darkness within yourself… and shine the Light of your I Am Presence.

The prophecy is that the world will be transformed by the awakened and united Indigos, that face the darkness with their Light. The darkness dissipates in the Presence of Light.

Change the world with the power of unified imagination. Check out my Indigo Minute project that texts people a positive message at 3:33pm everyday. Sometimes the messages are written to connect you with your power of Soul Presence, and other times the messages direct your attention to send Love energy to transmute places of conflict around the world. Here’s the Indigo Minute website, and here’s a link to the science behind why it works.

Bonus: Raury talks with Sway about what’s been up with him.

Big Grams EP (Big Boi & Phantogram)

UPDATE: Their performance on Jimmy Fallon is below. “Fell In The Sun” (with some dope sounds and lighting) below.

On cue, Big Boi & Phantogram release their collaborative Big Grams EP — 7 new tracks that turn out to reinterpret or look at the 7 Deadly Sins from a different perspective.

Here’s an example:

And here is the tracklist, with the sin that it thematically coincides with:

01 “Run for Your Life” [SLOTH]
02 “Lights On” [PRIDE]
03 “Fell In The Sun” [ENVY]
04 “Put It On Her” [LUST]
05 “Goldmine Junkie” [GREED]
06 “Born To Shine” f/ Run the Jewels [GLUTTONY]
07 “Drum Machine” f/ Skrillex [WRATH]

Stream on Spotify, and available everywhere today, below.


Drake & Future ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

UPDATE: Here it is on iTunes, as promised. (One week later, it’s up on Spotify and embedded below.) Scroll scroll scroll for the memes and my first impressions though.

First impressions: Sorry to be a downer on Twitter’s “instant classic” parade but WATTBA didn’t hit me the same way. My biggest qualm is that the songs all start to feel the same, conceptually and the production, real real quick. I say that from the lens of the tape itself on top of the recurrent themes from their previous work too.

That’s not to say I think it’s trash. Because it’s definitely not that.

In fact, the first 4 tracks brought me in and kept me engaged… enough so that for my second listen, when I usually skip around to single tracks, I wanted to run it back with these 4 in mind first.

“Digital Dash” works as an appetizer for what’s to come. Both allude to some recent happenings in their lives (the Ciara break-up and the Meek Mill beef, respectively) but not in a shock value type of way (which is good). The energy of the track though was deliberately at an 8, let’s say. Going into a Drake & Future mixtape, I wanted to hear a 10 right off the bat.

That’s what we got with “Big Rings”. Here’s the biggest turn-up club track since “Why You Lying” (just kidding but seriously.) This one has that anthem feel though and is perfect for all sorts of #SquadGoals nights to come. It’s not worth nitpicking this one because the energy trumps all and that’s what I wanted. And yes, for the record, I think this should have been track #1. On top of the above reasoning, Drake laces the title right off the bat. Catchy. I’m in on that line too.

“Live From The Gutter” is probably my favorite song from Future on WATTBA. He paints a solid picture of his journey to making it and that Young Thug “I Mean” instrumental is a perfect backdrop for his delivery too. (Also, is that a sample of “All Day” in the background?)

“Diamonds Dancing” ventures to the R&B side of the tape, namely with strippers as the subject. This is cool, up the alley of both, and certainly memorable and well-executed.

Buuut I’m good after this.

From there, the rest of the tape certainly has its moments. And for example, I would have been more hyped for the NBA allusions in “Jumpman” had it been at the beginning. But when I started to tire of the mixtape, I realized that the general sound of everything blended together and I started to tune out. Themes began to repeat: strippers, money, the life. And then I came back to the fact that Drake and Future created the tape in 6 days and it began with a simple visit to Atlanta to work on a few tracks together.

I wonder if Kid Cudi’s curiously timed tweets were directed at WATTBA but I can definitely see where he’s coming from if that’s indeed the case.

Fortunately, Drake’s honest “30 For 30 Freestyle” helped redeem the ending as I began to be engaged to the lyrics again. That’s the new insight I wanted to hear and while I don’t think that’s a track you play over and over again, I appreciated Drizzy’s output.

At face value, and given the max. hype around both artists individually, the tape did its job. It’s entertaining and there are many great and memorable moments throughout. I’m not going to get too worked up over it that it didn’t live up to the hype for me personally. I’ll definitely give it some more listens, especially during a workout, and see if some songs grow on me.

Where I’m left wondering, no matter if I feel more favorable about WATTBA days, weeks, or months from now… is where will Drake go from here? What changes, both sonically and conceptually, will he make because I feel like he’s maxed out his catalogue on the themes touched on in WATTBA (and again before). We’ll find out sooner or later on Views and I have a good feeling he’ll deliver somethin’ new and next level for him as an artist. (Also around January, timed with All-Star Weekend in his hometown in February.)

Also on OVO Sound Radio tonight: a new PND remix + new P. Reign.


OH, and MEMEs…





Props, Ernest. I do enjoy that this phrase can be used a variety of ways.

Black Violin ‘Stereotypes’ (Album Stream)

Here’s the new album from this month you should have in rotation.

Hip hop violin duo Black Violin has released Stereotypes today featuring the likes of Melanie Fiona & Black Thought on the same song, Pharoahe Monch, and Robert Glasper.

I was impressed with Black Violin since first seeing them at SXSW 2013 and diving into the album today reminded me why. They fuse not only hip hop but R&B, soul, and jazz in their predominant violin sound. And I just love strings to begin with.

Of the big-name collabs, I enjoyed the Robert Glasper and Kandace Springs “Stay Clear” the most. The latter can really sing and the fusion there in general is perfect. I also believe the strongest stretch of the album starts with that song through “Runnin” — an early favorite for my go-to track of Stereotypes. The balance overall between vocals and the time the instrumentals shine is perfect, and steers towards the duo’s side and strengths. Listen to it all above: a great blend from beginning to end.

*Tibs Fav.

T.I. ‘Da Nic EP’

T.I.‘s been teasing #911 on his socials all month and I correctly predicted a surprise drop of a new project today when “Check, Run It” dropped to my favorable review last week.

Said new project is titled Da Nic and is a 5 track EP heard in full below. The star features are Young Thug and Young Dro on a track named after my go-to pregame basketball meal “Peanut Butter & Jelly”. I’m sure that’s what Tip had in mind too. /he didn’t.

Join me in pressing play below/copping on iTunes.