Raury ‘The Woods’ Album Stream

I was just talking with my friend about how trash the music industry is, because many artists succumb to putting out hateful messages because that’s what is pushed to sell to dumb down the people to control them. Not everyone has the consciousness or will power to transcend the evils of the world, and sometimes good people unconsciously fall prey to it. Then my friend was like what happened to Raury who is one of the dudes that makes uplifting music for the Soul.

He said his friend saw Raury perform at a house birthday party on the lowkey, and that he got jaded by the music industry. That makes sense to me, because whenever there is a genuine positive movement that gains momentum… the separation anomaly… the forces of darkness infiltrate the thoughts and emotions of the people within that movement in order to sabotage and dissipate the growing forces of Love. The darkness finds whatever unresolved triggers it can within the auric fields of the group leaders, and then slowly turns them away from the unity and original purpose of Love. The darkness relentlessly manipulates their perspective against each other in subtle ways, and distorts their emotions in a way that causes the separation.

If people within those movements (like Love Renaissance for example) are unaware of the intangible darkness that is sabotaging genuine bonds, then they can take it to heart.. take it very personally as deep betrayal. And if not careful it can immobilize the heroes from being the Love that they are. However, I believe that the really strong ones, the Indigos, find their way back to the Light.. stronger.. and more equipped with knowing what they are dealing with.. the intangible darkness that twists people’s minds and emotions. The heroes forgive the people, because it is not that the people are bad, but the darkness that tangled them from within to take negative actions against their most loved ones.

20180523_Part 4. 1. Mission.jpg

There is a war on consciousness going on, and music is a tool for freedom. The forces of darkness are rewarding music that suppresses, but the true leaders are the rebels that go against the grain… and let their Soul shine to free themselves and humanity from the negative matrix that is designed to enslave us all. It takes a warrior’s mentality and self awareness to transform oneself from darkness to Light. Change yourself, change the world. Anyway I looked up what Raury was up to now, and saw that he recently released a new album independently called ‘The Woods’. It’s lovely and beautiful. Listen to it, your Soul will appreciate it. I’m happy to see Raury back from the transformation with the Force guiding him to anchor more Love on the planet.

20180523_Part 4. 3. Crack.jpg

If you are an Indigo Child, and you are feeling suppressed.. you are not alone.. transform all the darkness within yourself… and shine the Light of your I Am Presence.

The prophecy is that the world will be transformed by the awakened and united Indigos, that face the darkness with their Light. The darkness dissipates in the Presence of Light.

Change the world with the power of unified imagination. Check out my Indigo Minute project that texts people a positive message at 3:33pm everyday. Sometimes the messages are written to connect you with your power of Soul Presence, and other times the messages direct your attention to send Love energy to transmute places of conflict around the world. Here’s the Indigo Minute website, and here’s a link to the science behind why it works.

Bonus: Raury talks with Sway about what’s been up with him.

Prince ‘HITNRUN (Phase One)’ (Album Stream)

New Prince for your Labor Day. Perfect way to wind it down, huh? Hope you got TIDAL, the stream is there below.

10. 1000 X’S & O’S
11. JUNE

Stream: Prince ‘HITNRUN (Phase One)’ here

Add-2 ‘Prey For The Poor’

Sure, you may be up on Rodeo this weekend, but the album that you should let settle for Labor Day Weekend and beyond is courtesy of Chicago’s own Add-2.

His Jamla Records debut is out now on iTunes and Spotify — the cleverly titled Prey For The Poor.

14 tracks featuring labelmates Rapsody, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and more. I’ll be sittin’ with the lyrics from one of Chicago’s most insightful writers and deliverers.

Having personally posted many of his new projects and freestyles over the years, it’s great to see today’s landmark release. Salutations! And stream above!

The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Stream the album officially here:


08.21.15: It’s here a week early as The Weeknd’s new LP, Beauty Behind The Madness, hits the interwebs and can be heard (for now) below.

Right off the bat, there’s an 80s pop vibe with electric guitar and even some horns on the production as we hear Weeknd sing on lighter topics over the lighter moods. It’s more towards “Earned It” than “Can’t Feel My Face” at the beginning, then followed up by previous singles “Often” and “The Hills”.

From there, the album continues to mix Weeknd’s dark, signature moods but very seldomly and only in elements. There’s more of a traditional R&B/pop sound with more MJ-esque slow jams to follow. More 80s rock/pop elements are prevalant too, including more from the electric guitar. The Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran collabs back to back were both solid, but it was “In The Night” that jumped to the top tier of my album favorites. Just off first impression, it’s easily a progression in Weeknd’s overall sound and it’s going to take more listens to see if it impacts for me the same way his past albums have immensely.

Give it your own first listen below.


Follow-Up on “In The Night” via the NYT interview:

For Tesfaye, ‘‘In the Night’’ was the sort of compromise he was excited to make, a glistening surface salving the wounds that are his stock in trade. When he first played the song for Ron Perry, the president of Songs Music Publishing, which handles Tesfaye’s publishing, Perry couldn’t contain himself: ‘‘It’s ‘Billie Jean’! It’s ‘Billie [expletive] Jean’!’’

Couldn’t agree more, and I think that’s why I like it so much. Billie Jean might be my favorite MJ tune if I had to pick one.

ICYMI: The Weeknd announces Fall Tour | Weeknd @ Lollapalooza (My Review)

Cloud@Last ‘Neverlasting’

Cloud@Last delivers the latest must-have project this month. 

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album, Neverlasting, with each preview and outside release from the NYC duo this summer. Safe to say MaxX and Milo put it down across the 10 tracks below.

The continuity is key in this fusion of electronic and chillwave sounds. The latter is genre is what I’d classify this as because it’s the perfect soundtrack for, well, chilling, but also working or deep thought and contemplation. The vocals hit the right balance and tell lady-centric stories so you may draw parallels there too. It’s about the overall sound first and foremost and I was really into it from Track 02 onward.

In my top-tier of individual singles is “Thundercats” and “Devotion” (a great way to end it) but press play and let it stream from beginning to end because Neverlasting is meant for that more. And no doubt this will last in my rotation for a long time. Big ups to Cloud@Last for the release of their debut album. I have no doubt more success, fandom, and good tunes will follow suit.

*Tibs Fav.