NBA 2K16 Momentous Trailer

The midnight release I’m most excited about on this #NewMusicFriday is actually not music-related.

It’s NBA 2K16 as the game drops tomorrow for pre-orders and we’re greeted with an all-new trailer to get us even more hyped.

The Momentous trailer highlights all of the stars, and in this one, it’s amazing to see many of their signature subtleties. They have everything from Curry’s mean mug (after the 3 over Dellavedova in Game 5) to Harden’s Lil B cooking motion (of course) to even Chris Bosh videobombing a post-game interview. It’s all great, and the game looks fantastic. Can’t wait to pick it up and just have that be my life until the real NBA season starts, ha!

Enjoy below:

Chicago Bulls reveal new court design

What I speculated during a recent NBA2K16 features blog earlier this summer is officially announced today: our hometown Chicago Bulls reveal their new court design!

Bye bye center court basketball (thank the Lord!) as the iconic Bull logo increases in 75% size at center court. Other notable changes/additions include: all black lines, the tyography of the logo on the baselines, and the 4 Chicago stars as the apron on the south sideline. #ChicagoBasketball.

I love all those subtleties and dissecting new court designs in general so it was refreshing to finally see an update for the Bulls. Can’t wait to get back to the UC this season, starting October 6th versus the Bucks to kick off the preseason schedule.

Below, a couple more photos from the Bulls + the old design from the past 20 years and the 90s court that this new design gives off some vintage allusions to.





N****s In Paris Illustrated for Kids

Too fantastic not to pass this along.

Bianca Bosso illustrated “N****s In Paris” and told the story of the classic ‘Ye & Jay song especially for kids, titled Friends In Paris.

Above is what’s released so far with a Kickstarter ready to make this a physical book. Cameos by Kim and Drake so scroll through, enjoy the captions, and enjoy their faces while it all develops too. Ha!

Anthony Davis dunks the sun

This breathtaking photo hit the web on Friday and, well, I believe it.

It’s Anthony Davis dunking the sun!

The timing, lighting, everything had to be perfect. So how did they do this?

Well, Dustin Snipes for Red Bull, explained how he shot it in a very interesting and technical post on his blog (a must-read for photographers out there). Below, here are a couple more shots and a pretty cool behind the scenes video too.

redbull dunk the sun san pedro basketball Anthony Davis

redbull dunk the sun san pedro basketball Anthony Davis

Kanye West talks Yeezy Season 2 with Vogue

In a rare interview, and Kanye’s first since he announced his 2020 presidential candidacy, Mr. West sat down with André Leon Talley of Vogue to talk exclusively about Yeezy Season 2.

You can tell a calmness about Ye as he says he’s closer to doing what he wants to do for the world. Plus, he hints at more Yeezy fashion shows to come at NYFW down the line. One would only assume as he’ll keep progressing his line with adidas.

ICYMI: The full Yeezy Season 2 recap featuring all the looks, new Boosts, and new music

Yeezy Season 2 recap

The Yeezy Season 2 fashion show just concluded out in New York and here’s a roundup of the tweets, looks, and… yup! … new music snippets released. (Above photo: via adidas Originals)

Really diggin’ the new sound and as far as I can tell so far, the line itself is an extention on the military-inspired pieces from SZN 1 with more of a tan palette and body suits in addition. I’ve been seeing the “Jedi” comparisons on Twitter and I can see where you can see that too. Stay tuned for more updates!

UPDATE: The full rip of the song, said to be titled “FADE” featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Post Malone. (Rips keep getting taken down, here’s what I can find so far.)

Season2. #season2 #yeezyseason

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Yeezy Season 2 #yeezy #season2 #nyfw #kanyewest

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Live from #yeezyseason2. Black @adidas Yeezy Boost 750s and more.

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Stay young.

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Yeezy Season II #Squad #NYFW #Yeezy

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Lorde, Miguel, Courtney Love, the entire Kardashian family, and Anna Wintour were also in attendance.

Jeremy Scott: I brought Kanye to adidas

You know how IRL so many things happen from introducing someone to somebody? A job, relationship, those sorts of big things?

Well, same thing here except the names involved are Jeremy Scott bringing Kanye West to adidas. The quotes, said to Complex Style:

“I’m the person who brought [Kanye West] to adidas. It was back, maybe in 2009, 2008, when he was so excited by the line, and he conveyed to me that passionately wanted to do something with them.”

(Thank you, Jeremy Scott, for your help in giving us the world Yeezy Boosts.)

Plus, this last quote from Scott is just a general motivator to know your worth!

“It’s a rare occasion that I give any designs prior to accepting a job,” admits Scott. “I don’t know, I’m very precious with my stuff, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to audition. I’m a proven commodity,” he says. “If you want to work with me you should trust that I’m going to give you the best. Whatever that is going to be you need to trust that it’s the best. Because if I’m doing it full on, it’s going to be 100%.”