Kobe Bryant’s Muse (Full Video)

Once I made that commitment and said that I want to be one of the greatest ever, then the game became everything for me.

Kobe Bryant’s Muse premiered this weekend on Showtime — a near 90 minute documentary of Kobe’s journey from the son of an NBA player growing up in Italy to the 5-time champion we know today. Everything is covered in fascinating first-person account by Kobe himself, who speaks to us confessional style with 100% candor on the highs and lows of his professional career and personal life.

The doc resonated with me because of how intensely humanizing it was, especially for a subject like Bryant who was more guarded earlier in his career, which contributed to how polarizing he was widely viewed. Kobe’s outlook is one I think we can channel into our own lives. His relentless willpower has always been inspiring on the court, but now we see it in a new light through his own words combined with the authentic behind the scenes footage of his recovery from the 2013 achilles tear.

From a technical standpoint, this footage and how it was structured into the documentary was simply superb. I felt the gravity of the recovery and how taxing it was on Bryant, which was illustrated in a ‘less is more’ manner with very minimal speaking in the various long and dramatic scenes. The 8-month long recovery process is interspersed between chapters that chronologically expound on each phase of his life.

Probably the most emotional aspect of the doc was halfway through when Kobe reflected on his darkest moment stemming from the sexual assault charge that nearly crumbled his family and career. The buildup to it was the starkly contrasted joy that Kobe expressed about first meeting his wife Vanessa (the footage here is crazy) and the birth of his first daughter Natalia. This transitioned into the revelation of a miscarriage during the strenuous times of the charge, which carried heavy sorrow and regret by Bryant that was tough to watch. Again, it was moments like these throughout Kobe Bryant’s Muse that humanized Bryant and told his story from a brand new lens.

As I conclude, the gripping storytelling throughout was also more current than you may have expected. The documentary ends with some unfiltered, chilling, and cutting-edge footage of Kobe learning of his torn rotator cuff diagnosis that ended this current season just a few weeks ago. Even though it was nearly 90 minutes long, Kobe Bryant’s Muse left me wanting more.

Of the many quotables I could include here, I felt compelled to transcribe this one below: Kobe embodying the possibility of living your dreams because you’re already living it in your mind.

“When you make a choice and say, come hell or high water, I’m going to be this. Then you should not be surprised when you are that. It should not be something that’s… that feels intoxicating or out of character because you had seen this moment for so long, you had played it in your mind for so long that when that moment comes.. it’s like of course it’s here because it’s been here the whole time. It’s been up here the whole time.”

– Kobe Bryant

Nicki Minaj ‘My Time Again’ (Documentary)

Nicki fans, this is a must-see. A 60-minute doc highlighting Minaj in her most unfiltered behind the scenes moments, including trips to Queens and her native Trinidad. The full premise and bonus MTV highlights below.

Across its 60-minute runtime, “Nicki Minaj: My Time AGAIN” showcases the superstar at her most raw and uninhibited as she prepares to release her most introspective album to date, “The Pinkprint.” “My Time Again” follows Nicki through the streets of her native Southside Jamaica, Queens, as she recounts memories of growing up in a one-room basement apartment with her family and a traumatic, painful episode in which her father burned down the family home. The documentary picks up with Nicki in the recording studio, capturing her creative genius, her battle to stay at the top of the rap game, and her uncensored perspectives on her contemporaries and the state of hip hop in America. “My Time AGAIN” also provides an unfiltered look at the highs, lows, and crazy in-betweens of superstardom – from the sheer joy of completing the “The Pinkprint,” to the end of an 11-year romantic relationship, to her firsthand account of the now infamous snakebite and wardrobe malfunctions episodes surrounding the “2014 MTV Video Music Awards,” to her cherished time with her beloved family and friends. Nicki in her own words from “My Time AGAIN”: “What is this all for if this for if I am not with the people that I care about the most?” Part one of MTV’s Nicki Minaj trilogy, “Nicki Minaj: My Time Now” aired in 2010 and followed Nicki’s meteoric rise to stardom – with stops in Queens and her native Trinidad – as she prepared to release her debut album, “Pink Friday.”


Kobe Bryant’s Muse (New Trailer)

Basketball is a vehicle through which I’m questioning myself, because basketball is a vehicle in which I learned about myself.

For anyone who has ever played basketball at some sort of competitive level, I feel like you would resonate with Kobe Bryant in his new trailer for his upcoming Showtime doc, Kobe Bryant’s Muse. The quote above is where I’m getting at, as Kobe cites basketball as his teacher, which triggered an immediate memory to little metaphors I have learned through playing ball all my life. Hey, after all… ball is life, right?

Kobe Bean also talks about feeling the energy on the court and celebrating the journey throughout his career and, though this is implied, in his present-day team struggles with his career waning. I feel like Kobe, and you reading this now, would like our New Age section.

Check out the cool new trailer up above as it reveals the release date of Kobe Bryant’s Muse — February 21st.

Kobe Bryant’s MUSE (Launch Trailer)

It became more than a documentary, it became therapy on film.

Kobe Bryant’s MUSE Showtime documentary was previously slated for premiere at the start of the season. But after a push-back to probably get everything right, and as the new trailer above even depicts, even more footage of the start of the season, the documentary will see release in February.

With Kobe on the cusp of passing MJ with 31 more points before tonight’s game at San Antonio, the all-new launch trailer is a powerful 1 minute viewing above. I’m really lookin’ forward to this doc; after all, Kobe is one of the most fascinating NBA subjects, let alone any subject I’d tune in with a fly on the wall view.

ICYMI: Tinker Hatfield wishes he designed the Kobe IX

Logic ‘Under Pressure’ MTV Mini-Documentary

Today marks the release of Logic‘s long awaited debut album, ‘Under Pressure.’ To go along with the album drop, Logic and MTV have come together to create this mini-documentary where we hear from Logic, his father, and Logic’s god mother about the young MC’s tough and troubled beginnings. It’s been a long time coming and one hell of a journey for the Maryland MC. Proud to say I’ve played witness to a good amount of the journey. If you have yet to hear the album, I suggest you get on it below.


30 For 30: Playing for the Mob

30 For 30 is back! The new season of 6 films began this past Tuesday with 30 For 30: Playing for the Mob — a gripping story of college basketball and the mafia. To be more specific, the Boston College point shaving scandal in 1978-79 that involved the real-life Goodfellas in Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke. As a fan of the movie (which I saw too young as a child, ha!) and all things basketball, I knew I would enjoy it… I just didn’t know I would enjoy it this much. Well-done doc on the story that actually features lengthy sit-downs with Henry Hill before his passing in 2012. They also hear the side of the story from BC guard Jim Sweeney and splice in the various, appropriate Goodfellas clips that refer to the real-life events stemming from this point shaving scandal. Crazy.

Here is the stream of the full documentary below, though I should warn you… don’t make it the absolute last thing you do at night. I finished this last night, passed out, then had a bad dream this morning. I’m putting sole blame on watching this 75 minute documentary about the mafia for that. Haha, enjoy!


Lupe Fiasco & Amare Stoudemire executive producing AAU documentary

You may recall Lupe & Amare Stoudemire linking up for a project called Little Ballers not too long ago. Well, today, some new news for the positive will make the project even larger as both Lu & Amare will act as executive producers of the Little Ballers documentary highlighting the behind the scenes of AAU Basketball and the rise of a few hoop dreamers within NYC.

The 80-minute doc will also contain commentary from Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Joakim Noah and more NBA players and journalists.

Little Ballers is set for a November 26th premiere on Nicktoons with this Kobe Bryant teaser also accompanying the news today. These kids gotta step up their free throw game to compete with the Mamba.

I wanted to executive produce Little Ballers because I once was a little baller. It made a major impact on my life, helped me to become a better man and a better leader. Youth sports are very important for children — there are so many lessons to learn that impacts their lives forever. Sports help build character, discipline and teamwork, which are all important aspects for the future.

– Amare Stoudemire