Jayyeah “Knight” (Production EP)

Recently while doing just my normal twitter networking routine, I found a producer with a more experimental hip hop type sound. With a new type of sound that the younger generation is experimenting with, I really see creativity coming from all angles. I also do see a ton of Asian culture inspiration in a lot of sounds in the newer hip hop sound. Jayyeah coming from Long Beach, California he said that he has found his inspiration from multiple different things such as nature, witch house, gbe and other Chiraq music, and also 80’s movie soundtrack mixes. As you can tell that is a very diverse few things to pull inspiration from, so you can expect some really creative art.




Kollateral “QP EP” Vol. 1

About a year ago I was able to meat Wax Society’s newest emcee, Kollateral. Ever since I had met Kollateral at a show, we have been homies since. I actually haven’t even heard too much music from him the past 7 or 8 months but he finally dropped some new shit. Now off the bat I can tell Kollateral wanted to do something different with releasing his new music. He releases the first volume of his “QP EP” with only 4 tracks, and as Kollateral being the stoner he is, and a quarter pound of weed is usually called a QP, he has decided to release 4 EP’s to complete the “pound” and each one only being a 4th of the full project. Now I have been told that the rest of the EP will be released through out the next year, as I think he is being smart about releasing his music so I am excited to see what he will do with the rest of the EP’s.



Billy Chambers “Going Crazy” EP

“Do you feel this cuz I’m vibin now”… Billy Chambers is just so cool. What he brings to the table with his music is just so positive and feel good. Jazz rap is something that has been done many different ways but Billy seems to do it in a way where you can’t really doubt on it. The kid has some crazy flow for the beats that he is spitting over, he’s creative with his flows, in turn he delivers lyrics that make you say “damn this kids killin it”. His music doesn’t sound forced at all, he’s very upfront and real. He seems to carry a good presence, his image is dope as well, very appealing. I like what this kid is doing and I am excited to hear the new sounds he will bring.