Lupe Fiasco ‘Pharaoh Height 2/30’

2 months to the day, Lupe Fiasco revealed what looked like a new EP, Pharaoh Height 2/30, a play off, and double that, of his Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtape series.

Welp, at midnight tonight, Lupe threw this on the gram with the download link below.

6 new tracks! DOWNLOAD HERE.

Just popped it in the iTunes, and uploaded it to Soundcloud for ya’ll! Back with more thoughts soon (below.) Enjoy!

EDIT: 1st listen thoughts… Whoo, nothin’ but bars. With everything Lupe, you gotta digest this as one entire piece multiple times but if you’re lookin’ for individual tracks, “Valleys”, “Pyramid”, and “Schemes” were the 3 that especially jumped out to me. Lu saved the best for last too. “Schemes” had so much to rewind with some ever-changing production across the 5+ minutes (outro excluded). Looks like we all have some new weekend tunes, huh?!

If you’re wondering, Lupe did splice in the Metal Gear Solid V trailer into the intro. What a way to start it.


ICYMI: Lupe Fiasco f/ Nikki Jean “Prisoner 1 & 2” LIVE on Why? with Hannibal Buress


Empathy Test ‘Throwing Stones Remixed EP’

The latest from the U.K. synthpop duo is a fresh new remix EP, out today!

Empathy Test, one of my favorite new artists of the last year, get that good remix treatment from DJs and producers around the world, adding a whole new EDM/electronica sound to their existing gem of a project.

A couple early favorites are the new remixes that dropped with the full project, much of it previewed this summer. “Holding On” by KVLT starts off really well especially and “Hope For Me” has an all-new, eerie mood to it courtesy of Figures of Eighty to conclude the EP. Stream below and enjoy.

FKA twigs ‘M3LL155X EP’

Surprise surprise as today keeps getting better with new music (stay tuned for the next post tonight) as FKA twigs unleashes a new 5-track EP, M3LL155X.

And she does so via video. Press play above to experience the new project as one continuous piece of art and interpretive storyline.

It starts off strange and dark, which longtime twigs fans should come to expect by now. But when “Figure 8” plays, it might top everything else she has. The video transitions with each song as the audio blends seamlessly together, with an added score in the case of “I’m Your Doll” (track 02) and “In Time” (track 03).

I should speak on “In Time” because it immediately jumped out to me after seeing the live performance of it a couple weeks ago at Lolla and greatly anticipating the studio version more than anything else since.

It turns out track 03 is “In Time” (at the 6:40 mark now) and the lyrics didn’t disappoint on top of the electronica, synth-heavy production. The layers are pretty flawless in general, but on here, especially.

The video then transitions to the previously released “Glass & Patron” visual, track 04 of the project, and projects this video in a new light. I’ll have to go on Play #2 for to draw the clear connections between the last video of the 16 minutes above and the 12 or so previous to it.

This leaves track 05 “Mothercreep” as audio-only below. Still, it’s a fitting conclusion to the project and the video as a whole above is pretty perfect. Sit with this one above and catch the audio below on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere… now!

*Tibs Fav. all around (“In Time”, “Glass & Patron”, “Mothercreep” in my top tier)


HXLT ‘Cover Me EP’

Chicago’s really coming with it this week. HXLT is today’s latest as he surprise drops a 5-track EP through MTVCover Me has a double meaning since all 5 tracks are creative covers of a wide range of songs from Amy Winehouse’s famous “Back To Black” to Florence & The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” to Drake’s “Pound Cake”.

HXLT really captures the dark vibe of Winehouse and that sets the tone for the EP. You’ll hear a lot of slowed down singing from HXLT, which you haven’t yet to this degree through his career thus far. It really works, not only for Winehouse, but for the Florence cover, my early overall favorite “Too Cold”, and the “Pound Cake” flip: “Go Deep”. The latter isn’t your typical new verse over the original beat though. The entire production gets a facelift with mere elements of the original spliced in.

It’s a quick-hit listen and an engaging one from beginning to end. Stay up on the newest from G.O.O.D.’s latest signee and see what’s the next step in the evolution of HXLT.


Roy Wood$ ‘EXIS EP’

The other day we highlighted Drake’s feature on Roy Wood$’ “Drama” and it was in anticipation of today’s new EP release from the latter, EXIS. Wood$ hails from Brampton just outside the T. Dot and is OVO Sound’s newest signee. Drake instagrammed his EP too, so there will be no tweets about ghostwriters from Wood$, ha.

Anyway, I like what I hear so far and look forward to diving into the 7 tracks this weekend/beyond.


Dreezy ‘Call It What You Want EP’

We haven’t heard much from Dreezy since her winter signing to Interscope, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t busy. It looks like the summer will continue to see her breakout with today’s release of the Call It What You Want EP. Dreezy puts down some raps and catchy melodies throughout and is bolstered by a couple features from K. Camp and Teyana Taylor. Listen and digest it all below: