Funny examples of Drake fandom

I saw a couple of great and humorous forms of Drake fandom in the past couple days that I just had to share.

For starters, a church in Toronto is inspired by Drake to use him to promote the gospel. All of the prayer hands emojis…

Remember: a pastor referenced the Drake x Meek Mill beef recently to explain a biblical story. Hey, I’m all for this.

The other example?

I wish I was this cool in high school. Via Reddit by way of Waco, TX: “At my old high school they let the seniors paint their parking spot. This one is my favorite.”


Here’s a strong runner-up:


Zoolander 2 Trailer

I’m finally settled down for a moment this Lolla weekend to catch up on some new music along the way too (hit the homepage!) but I first had to shine some light on the new Zoolander 2 trailer that dropped over the weekend.

Honestly, the best first impression would be to see this in a line of previews at a movie theater because of how it starts off but the punchline still works. It’s pretty hilarious to hear from Derek Zoolander once again as we await how the plot shapes up. Watch the first teaser below.

Hannibal Burress on Meek Mill vs. Drake

As we await Meek Mill’s diss on Drake on Hot 97 with Funk Flex again tonight, here’s some comic relief via Hannibal Buress and his new Comedy Central show, Why?

He goes to the streets… of Beverly Hills… to ask people about the beef and, well, first and foremost, who is Meek Mill? The results were predictably hilarious.

Jay Pharoah impersonates Nicki & Drake

Jay Pharoah is 2 for 2 in his impersonations this morning next to Sway. He begins the interview as Nicki Minaj and weighs in on the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef. Then “5AM in Toronto” comes on and Pharoah breaks out into a freestyle in Drake’s voice. Some of these nonsense lyrics he spits and sings are absolutely hilarious. On top of that, that Trident line to close out was actually really dope too. Job well done, Jay.

ICYMI: Drake “Back To Back”

Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, & Jimmy Kimmel for Foot Locker x adidas

Just the names involved got me to click. Lillard and Wiggins are one thing — both Rookies of the Year and adidas athletes. But with Jimmy Kimmel? I had to see this.

And it delivered. Comedy gold. I hope the Bobby Butter story continues. (And lowkey the cutaway scene is pretty great too. These bball stars have some natural comedic timing.)

That’s not why Jimmy Kimmel is trending around the world today. Watch his emotional and poignant take on the unjust murder of Cecil the Lion below. *applauds* 

Eminem & Stephen Colbert on Public Access

For real. On Monroe, Michigan public access. Now for the interwebs.

This combo is as great as advertised, and photographed above. The show goes on for 41 minutes so tune in to see some dry humor as the two go back and forth about almost anything, including vague facts about Michigan. Great stuff.

(Be sure to also fire up Apple Music today for Eminem’s big chat with Zane Lowe… overshadowed by this viral video.)


I Am Chris Farley (Documentary Trailer)

I was only 10 years old when comedian Chris Farley passed away in 1997. And I remember that day pretty vividly actually; I read it in the newspaper that morning and then heard it on the news shortly after. Yeah, that’s kind of a reflection of the times, but the death actually shook me. I had seen Tommy Boy already and loved everything about Farley. The movie, and much of the rest of Farley’s work, has aged gracefully for me personally and fans of comedy everywhere.

So naturally, an official Chris Farley documentary is something I’m very interested in, especially considering it took years of work to get approval and everyone together. Below is the first look at the trailer for the doc with the film seeing a theatrical release on July 31st (and a digital download shortly thereafter.)

Cameos and commentary from the likes of David Spade (who has the most heart-wrenching snippet in the trailer), Adam Sandler, Christina Applegate, Dan Aykroyd, Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Molly Shannon amongst others. I’m in even more after this first look. R.I.P. Chris.