Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar on SNL

Literally appearing out of the dark, Kendrick Lamar joins Imagine Dragons for the all-new “Radioactive” remix on last night’s SNL. Seriously, I rewound it because I couldn’t tell if Kendrick was sanding in the shadows the whole time or if I could catch him walking out 2 and a half minutes in. With the small SNL stage, the presence of everyone was at a constant still and that plays well here, especially with Kendrick’s show-stealing verse. I’ve been listening to this song all week for Kendrick’s increasing intensity that still feels so fresh in today’s hip hop world. The crossover is proving to be a smash for K. Dot with this SNL performance on top of the Grammys last week.

Highlights from the SNL performance above:

– Kendrick’s a capella ending to his verse.

– The large drums (timpanis?).

– The cellos. These live instruments really gave some more depth to the studio version.

Other SNL highlights:

Seth Meyers‘ last show! The bittersweet ending for Seth (a writer and performer for over 10 years on SNL, now moving into late night TV which he’ll be great at) was epitomized in his last Weekend Update with surprise guests Amy Poehler, Stefon, and Andy Samberg. Watch this one too ICYMI last night.

Community x Childish Gambino “Sweatpants”

Don’t be mad cause I’m doin’ me better than you’re doin’ you.

Tonight is a sad night. Why? Because it’s Donald Glover’s last episode on Community. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The talented comedian and actor that you may know as Childish Gambino has found a cult following in his role as Troy Barnes during the past 5 years (and really, the entire cast and show has such a dedicated fanbase that I’m proud to be a part of). We had known Glover was only going to appear in the new season’s first few episodes and tonight’s all-new one is being promoted as the Troy Barnes farewell.

To appropriately commemorate the occasion, this new mix video (that went viral on Reddit, h/t to the homie Brugge once again) blends odd, lovable scenes of Troy and the Community cast with Childish Gambino’s “Sweatpants”. As the video gets going, you’ll see just how many weird moments match up perfectly with some of the weird references and lyrics from Gambino. It’s so enjoyably synched that I’m going to watch it again and run back “Sweatpants” even more withย Because The Internet still steady in my rotation.

I’ll be tuned in tonight. Community won’t be the same, but the entire ensemble is great and the writers are so clever that we’ll still be in good hands.ย Endings are assuredly sad, but there’s always the good that comes with it. Glover is rising as Childish Gambino, and is slated to produce his own show on FX. No doubt the future is bright for Donald! …Cool cool cool.







Seahawks Richard Sherman Promo (WWF Interview Remix)

SherMania has catapulted Richard Sherman to iconic form. There’s been a lot of different memes and video spoofs that have emerged since his interview with Erin Andrews and the best have involved wrestling spoofs. Richard Sherman cut one hell of a promo in wrestling standers as he lay the smackdown, opened a can of whoop-ass, and brought the media to frenzy over his “pipe bomb“. OOH Yeah, DIG IT?!


Drake tells us the weather

It’s something we do everyday: check the weather. Now, let’s make it more fun. went viral today and the concept is so simple. Real-time weather forecasts appear on the site along with Drake’s album cover… except the clouds of the cover match the sky out your window. Heh, that’s great. Above is what it is in Chicago right now.

Drake’s hilarious SNL promos

Drake is the host and musical guest for this Saturday’s SNL and per usual this time of week, NBC has dropped all of the commercials you’ll see this week on TV for the interwebs. They’re all mashed together for this 4:30 watch and best seen one after another like this (especially because the last 3 are linked.)

Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah sit with Drake in the studio for all the spots… and they’re all hilarious. I didn’t know Drake had such a dry sense of humor too. Looking forward to checking this out even more now.

ICYMI: An update on Drake’s OVO Jordans on eBay. The one white pair is now available and up for bid too at slightly less than the 100K the black colorway is earning. Emphasis on slightly less. If you can outbid $99,900, then the white colorway can be yours. Great buzz for the shoes though.

Boyz II Men on HIMYM

On last night’s How I Met Your Mother, we saw about as unexpected of a cameo as you can get: Boyz II Men!

The context: the newest, epic chapter in the series-long “Slap Bet” episodes as Marshall (Jason Segal) owes Barney (Neil Patrick-Harris) another slap (with one final one now remaining). The episode culminates with this 1 minute 30 second rendition of “You Just Got Slapped”ย โ€” a song where Jason Segal tapped into his Forgetting Sarah Marshall Dracula musical a few years ago for equally hilarious results.

Now, Boyz II Men serenades the ridiculous lyrics of the song for a remix, as the cast acts as background dancers (nice touch) with Barney sitting solemnly post-slap. I’m a fan of HIMYM, and a fan of Boyz II Men, so for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Jeopardy! did a rap category

Jeopardy! has been my favorite game show since I was a kid and to my extreme delight today, we finally got a rap category. It’s been 20 some odd years! Bout time we heard Alex Trebek rhyme some vintage Dr. Dre!

Watch, and thoroughly enjoy above.