Tyler The Creator on Jimmy Kimmel

ICYMI last night, here’s Tyler The Creator’s must-see hilarious appearance as a talk show guest, not musical performer, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I laughed at everything from Tyler’s entrance, stories of how he got his name from MySpace to getting fired from Starbucks, and how he explains his cool new Golf Media app. Just how he interacts with Jimmy is great, and there’s even one more story I purposely left out so you can just watch it below.

An honest-to-God good luck to Tyler for some of the creative endeavors he mentioned as well, like owning his own TV network. Lookin’ forward to his next moves.

BONUS: Scroll below for T.I.’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s Game Night, where he tells NBA Players not to rap in a very humorous PSA style video.

Rihanna & Louis CK SNL Promos

The SNL season finale is set to be an A-list affair as comedian Louis CK is the host and Rihanna, the musical guest. Here’s their quick couple of promos for Saturday’s show wherein Louis CK represents all of the male population at one point in grammar school, right?

What will the fiery red-haired Rihanna perform? BBHMM is a given, but will she premiere an all-new song or go with “American Oxygen”?

ICYMI: Our favorite BBHMM Remix (by Mr. Music)

Hannibal Buress impersonates Young Thug

In this new sit-down with STASHEDHannibal Buress talks everything from his quick-witted start in comedy, writing briefly for SNL and Megan Fox, LeBron’s hairline, and in the hip hop crossover: he impersonates Young Thug. Buress goes on to talk about “gibberish rap” and listening to the songs a 3rd or 4th time to catch the lyrics. Haha, pretty great from beginning to end.

Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back

News like this convinces me that mid-late 20s is definitely the best age group on the planet right now based purely on the return of nostalgic 90s TV programming.

MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch premiered back in 1998 and featured crude and highly entertaining claymation battles between the “it” celebrities of the time… and because it was clay, there was legitimate deaths. There was something about how they mocked the celebrities though that was classic so between that and the fantasy matchups each week, viewers were coming back until it got old in 2002.

The series tried to resuscitate back in 2005 but was canceled again 2 short years after. But now, TIME reports that the Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back to 2015 so we can all start anticipating how this new crop of celebrities will be matched up against each other. Bieber is an obvious fun target, as are the Kardashians. But I’m also intrigued to see how they’ll incorporate today’s biggest hip hop stars. Kanye, Drake, and Lil Wayne are probably the 3 easiest in play. Maybe Eminem will make a return after his battle with Kid Rock up above? #TBT

Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to say the least.

Rihanna pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Above: Rihanna and Jimmy Kimmel doing what will definitely be this year’s Ice Bucket Challenge — the Twizzlers Challenge for Autism Awareness. Pretty priceless photo though. That video is below but first…

For April Fool’s Day, Rihanna got Jimmy, and got Jimmy pretty good.

Hah! Worked to perfection. And it looked legit. And now BBHMM is stuck in my head too.

Here’s more from the April Fool’s edition of JKL, including the full Rihanna interview, a Cousin Sal prank turned great gesture, and the other April Fool’s video that stands apart for me: a throwback episode to 1995 of #TheStarters on NBATV. Yup, it’s very unrelated to Rihanna, but there’s a good chance you like 90s basketball too.

Bieber Roast (Full Video)

Last night the #BieberRoast flat out lived up to the hype.

Justin Bieber bravely sat through an hour-plus of getting roasted by some of today’s biggest and up and coming comics like Kevin Hart (who played roastmaster) and SNL’s youngest cast member Pete Davidson… as well as Snoop Dogg, Shaq, and Ludacris. No knock on them because all 3 were actually really good, as was… really, everyone.

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen a roast and I didn’t remember how much the roasters roasted each other. That was just as enjoyable as when Bieber was the target.

But if I had to hand out the trophy, I’d go with Chicago’s own Hannibal Buress. No hometown bias, but he just kept it 100 and the results were fantastic.

There was one surprise roaster (who I won’t ruin) that was a great addition to the bill and to his credit as well, Justin Bieber actually had a lot of great zingers when he got a chance to say the last word. Finally, throughout you can also catch glimpses of some celebs in the audience like some of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, Chris Paul, Jaden Smith, and John Legend & Chrissy Teigen.

As I said, it really lived up to the hype. Enjoy the full video and some clips if you’re on the go.

BONUS: Justin Bieber working with Kanye West & Rick Rubin on upcoming album


Bieber Roast (Full Video) (via Mr World Premiere)



Aziz Ansari vs. the meat industry

Aziz Ansari uses his platform as a superstar stand-up comedian to spit some underreported knowledge of the meat industry — namely with cruelty to chickens as they’re producing the eggs we consume. He’ll detail it above… but the hip hop crossover??

Aziz somehow includes Ja Rule throughout. Everything about this is pretty on point.

Enjoy this new clip made public off Aziz’s new standup Live at Madison Square Garden special out now on Netflix. Been meaning to check this out, will definitely do so now.

h/t Mercy for Animals