Outkast Closes out Lollapalooza Day 2

Outkast shows no mercy for their crowd following and this is good. They did not come to Lolla to just play the crowd pleasers, they were ready to thank the fans that go way back!

photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago

As a devoted fan since the beginning, ’93, Outkast has forever been one of those nostalgic acts.  However, their come back tour has been tainted with terrible reviews of their first concert back together the first weekend of Coachella earlier this year. Hearing this was still not going to stop me.

photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
They opened with the ultimate crowd pleaser, “B.O.B.” and eventually really got into their groove 20 minutes in.  They hit all the good stuff and Big Boi’s lyrics were as Krispy as krispy can get. Andre of course, sports his iconic wigs.  The crowd went and got drink refills or left to see Calvin Harris when the ATL duo played their throwback records from their ’94 album southernplayaisticadillacmuzik including Players Ball and took us out of this world with hits from ATLiens. And of course, they had to play Skew It On the Bar-B. The ATLiens slowed it down with Sorry Miss Jackson and then ended their set with The Whole World.

Were they the best show at Lolla so far? No, that was Eminem.
Are they back and are everything I ever expected and more? Yes.

In the end, I think it is easy for others to say that Outkast’s set wasn’t as hyped as it could have been, but they were not going reunite to only play crowd pleasers. The duo has aged well and definitely were playing for the fans that have been with them from the start… not the teenagers that have seemed to taken over Lolla.

Full Setlist
1. B.O.B.
2. Gasoline Dreams
3. ATLiens
4. Skew It on the Bar-B
5. Rosa Parks
6. Da Art of Storytellin’, Part 1
7. Aquemini
(with Sleepy Brown)
8. SpottieOttieDopaliscious
9. Ms. Jackson
10. Kryptonite (I’m on It)
(Purple Ribbon All-Stars cover)
11. GhettoMusick
12. The Way You Move
13. She Lives in My Lap
14. Prototype
15. Hey Ya!
16. Hootie Hoo
17. Crumblin’ Erb
18. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
19. Player’s Ball
20. Elevators (Me & You)
21. Roses
22. So Fresh, So Clean
(with Sleepy Brown)
23. Int’l Player’s Anthem (I Choose You)
(Underground Kingz cover)
24. The Whole World

(Title image courtesy of Getty Images)

Lolla Weekend: Blood Orange x Ratking @ Empty Bottle 7/31/14

After what seemed like the longest week ever without a doubt I, much like everyone else in Chicago, were more than ready to squad up for Lollapalooza Weekend. First put on? Ratking and Blood Orange at the Empty Bottle. Kicking off the start of the festival weekend, both artists blessed us * insert prayer hand emoji* on a Thursday night. With liquor flowing, beats bumping, and smoke looming around the stage, who gave a fuck about tomorrow’s work day?


Starting off the show, Ratking did what they do best…go fucking hard. My personal moments came from Wiki whose energy was anything but basic. Wiki brought the crowd together with his nasal, high-pitch rapping style. Okay it sounds terrible when I say it like that but his skills are definite throwbacks to Eminem’s Slim Shady days. While Wiki jumped and bashed the mic vocally and physically (nah for real, dude smacked that thing on his head), Hak kept cool, calm, and collected. Rapping in a trance-like state, Hak’s flow was chill and the complete opposite of his band brother, Wiki. Easing his way from one verse and note to another, his raps built momentum to Sport’s beats and Wiki’s harder than hard energy. Combined with his chill allure, Wiki’s “give no fucks” charismatic, and Sport’s heart pumping beats without a doubt Ratking gave the venue a definite rager.

Blood Orange

Dev Haynes, my dude. The best thing about Blood Orange is he gives credit to where credit is due. From showcasing the individual talents of his band to his special shout out to Ratking’s earlier set, Dev Haynes closed and started the night with some of the best vibes. Literally…nothing killed this guy’s upbeat performance. Even when his mic completely went out, he kept it rolling and started a dance. THAT’S WHATSSSS UP. Besides the impromptu dance party I was most happy to jam out to some of my favorite Blood Orange tracks like “Chamakay” and “Bad Girls”. I mean who can resist dancing when you got Dev Haynes moving and grooving in his overalls literally serenading you on stage?


Pitchfork Music Festival Day Three 7.20.14

With the festival closing its doors for Summer 2014, the last day was exactly what it was hyped to be. With top hip hop acts like Isaiah Rashad, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar sandwiched into one, anyone and everyone came through to bid this festival farewell for another year. Special thanks to Pitchfork for having us this year!

Day 1 Recap f/ SZA | Day 2 Recap f/ Pusha T & Danny Brown

Isaiah Rashad:

Recently signed with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), Isaiah Rashad leads the Blue Stage with his rapid-fire raps and jazzy beats. SZA makes an appearance (hinted on Friday during her set) and shares the first song with her TDE brother. Shout out to SZA for saying what’s up though! Though Isaiah Rashad definitely went hard in his performance, he stumbled with the smoothness of his verses. At some points he was spitting verses so fast that his words clashed with the mellowness of his songs and the random air horn noises (for real did y’all hear that?)

Backstage w/ Isaiah Rashad
Backstage w/ Isaiah Rashad

Earl Sweatshirt:

Speaking directly to the crowd, Earl starts a sing-a-long during the first half of his set. Breaking it down to its simplest form, dude plays music teacher and lets us know, “this song is so easy, all you dumbasses can get it”. As we sung along with Earl about “fucking freckled bitches” in typical hype concert mode someone had to be extra and disrupt the flow. Literally. Seen from the middle of the stage, water was sprayed directly onto Earl as he continues the second half of his set. Typical Earl though, calls this dude out and keeps it moving. Between songs, Earl muses in and out onto sideline dialog about not growing up with a father and the people he has met along the way. Either way, his musings and quality of music kept everyone listening. Also shout out to Isaiah Rashad for the photo (excuse my excited cat face)!

Schoolboy Q:

Yo did Schoolboy Q bring his whole damn family on stage? What seemed like family reunion on the stage, his crew and Schoolboy Q hypes up the crowd by making his set an all-out bounce blow out. Even for those who can’t bounce (and y’all know who you are) got it moving as he commanded the crowd to well…get up and dance. Playing verses from some of his more popular features like Work, the bounce was so real throughout his entire set. So real that my feet went from my usual shade of yellow Asian Mami to Doo doo ass brown. My bad for whoever had to see my disgraced feet but whatever though…at least I got down to Collard Greens.

Kendrick Lamar:

Delayed for about 20 minutes, the stage was packed to the brim for Mr. Lamar himself. This was expected though as Kendrick was the talk of the show since day one. Using some of the same dope visuals from the Yeezus tour, Kendrick Lamar played crowd favorites from his 2012 album, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City”. Playing his songs in full, Kendrick just shuts it down from the live band to his strong lyricism. From mAAd City to my personal favorite track Compton, Kendrick raps over the heavy sounds of his band and even dives back to his roots, shooting a tune from “Section.80″. Kendrick has definitely come far from the smaller stage of Pitchfork a few years back to now headlining and shutting down the festival. Props to you Kendrick, so excited for this album.

Kendrick Lamar shuts down Pitchfork 2014

Pitchfork Music Festival Day Two 7.19.14

What’s good y’all? Second day at Pitchfork and Gowherehiphop still vibing out. With the second day being one of the most hyped days of the festival, I gotta roll through and check out Pusha T and Danny Brown at the Green Stage.

Pusha T’s Late Start:

Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game.

Set to start at 4:15 pm, the show was delayed for more than 30 minutes. Cause of the delay? DJ was ghost. Meh, it happens though. With the heat and the hint (nah, who I’m kidding everyone had their own funk) of sweat in the crowd, no one was having this delay. With frustrated chants and what seemed like eternity of waiting, Pusha T finally rolled through and threw down some tracks from his 2013 album, “My Name is My Name”. Dressed in a black Treated Bandana Tee (shout out to Stussy x Treated Tribe X Saint Alfred), Pusha T puts on a rushed set as he cuts and skips through some of his most powerful tracks and verses off his latest album. Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game. Even though his set really doesn’t live up to his musical caliber and was in truth a bit disappointing, Pusha T still has a lot of good things planned for 2014-2015. We still waiting for that King Push album, T!

Danny Brown Shuts Down Pitchfork:

Danny completely silences the crowd as he turns off the music and starts spitting 

My dude, Mr. Brown. Hands down Danny Brown knows how to give a performance. With high energy and a fit to kill, Danny Brown was definitely one of the highlights of the festival. Commanding the stage from start to finish, Danny had everyone in the crowd bumping, jumping, and water spraying before the third track. With tracks like 25 Bucks and Dip from his album, “Old”, reving up the audience, Danny completely silences the crowd as he goes trackless and starts spitting. Daaaaang. That’s whats up though. Even better? Danny takes a moment and shares the stage with his crew, who equally show the crowd that they can not only hang with the best but got the talent to hold their own. With a extended set (or so it seems in comparison to the previous set back of Pusha T’s perfomance), Danny Brown definitely lived up to the hype of Pitchfork day two. Rumor has it, Danny is roaming the festival during the later hours. So in case y’all missed him at his performance, hopefully y’all can catch him at the Ray Ban or the Beverage Tent. 


SZA @ Pitchfork Music Festival Day One 7.18.14

With the first official day of Pitchfork Music Festival kicking off this weekend, I knew I had to make a stop to check out my dream girl, SZA. Already moving in ranks (musically and in my heart), SZA puts on with her set on the Blue Stage.

Dressed to kill in a Leaders cut off tee with her signature curly hair, SZA charmed the crowd with her cute on stage confessionals and shows of affection. By the end of her first song, baby girl had the crowd swooning as she played favorites like Babylon and Child’s Play off her new album, Z. Vibing with the crowd as they smoked, danced, and bumped their heads to her tracks, SZA cheerfully saluted the crowd and threw it back with the track Ice.Moon off her first EP, See.Sza.Run. Another great EP that put SZA on the map. My personal favorite track from her set? Hands down it was Hiiijack. With taunting vocals and lines like…

I’m using everything I find/Do anything to keep you tied up/Tied up

My face literally turned to that little emoji with the heart eyes and kissy face. Sigh. With her vocals and happy-go-lucky, down to ride attitude, she already kicking this weekend off right. And as a teaser, SZA herself will be back Sunday at Pitchfork. Whaaaat?

Announcing that a special surprise may be in store Sunday, my fingers are crossed that she will make a special appearance with either Isaiah Rashad or Kendrick Lamar, both of whom were featured on her album, Z. Maybe she will surprise us all and bring both the homies on stage? Or drop a new track? A girl can only wish though. Until then, stay tuned and check out her tunes.