Kid Cudi’s upcoming movie

Kid Cudi’s upcoming movie is ‘Two Night Stand’ premiering this August 22nd in NYC. He was cast a couple years ago for what will definitely be a different role than most of his to date. Looking forward to it after reading the premise below, via Dat New Cudi.

In the romantic comedy, Kid Cudi play the boyfriend of Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) along side Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) and Miles Teller (Project X). The films story centers around a pair of twentysomething strangers (Analeigh & Miles) who wake up in the morning after a one-night stand to find they’ve been snowed in by a blizzard. They’re trapped together in a tiny downtown apartment in Manhattan as they’re forced to get to know each other better than most would like after a one night stand.



ICYMI: HS87 f/ Audio Push, Hit-Boy, Kid Cudi, & Kent M$ney “Scorn”

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [Trailer]

Too cool not to post. Here is the new, extended, full, 2.5 minute trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This redux stars Gary Oldman and Keri Russell and an amazing plethora of CGI apes that look jaw droppingly real. Bonus points to the trailer for showcasing the apes’ first words, “Go Where?”. Haa! Enjoy.

Kid Cudi to act and score new indie film

At moments you’re gonna find it hard to like, root for them, because there’ a lot of immaturity, & there’s a lot of damage. But they’re very real things that people deal with when they’re faced with these really intense, heartbreaking situations…You know, all I wanna do is make cool shit & this movie is a cool movie. I’m just really proud of it.

The above is Kid Cudi describing his work on the upcoming indie film James White, of which it was announced today that the artist will both act and score the film’s music. There’s not much info on Cudi’s character Nick, but you can support the Kickstarter campaign and find out more here.

Also note the bolded: “All I wanna do is make cool shit.”

That’s why we love Cudi. A parallel to our “Gowhere You Love” mantra.

Lastly… part of me hopes we see a scene in this upcoming film with basketball on in the background and some James “Flight” White highlights. Haa!

Beverly Hills Cop 4 coming in 2016

Excellent news, Axel Foley fans!

And I wouldn’t have bothered with the post if it isn’t excellent news. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is coming in 2016. As Hollywood continues to resurrect classic movie franchises, this 80s pop-culture classic will continue and indeed star Eddie Murphy. Paramount has set a release date of March 25th, 2016 with Brett Ratner expected to direct (given my love for the Rush Hour franchise, I like this pick). I only hope Billy Rosewood comes back too.

To celebrate the news, here are some of my favorite Beverly Hills Cop GIFs and Peter Griffin dancing and humming to the theme song, on loop for over an hour because this is the internet.

h/t The Wrap

Why isn’t there a banana in the tailpipe GIF?!

Will Ferrell to produce EDM comedy

Will Ferrell — one of our generation’s favorite funnymen. Today, I’m happy to share a couple of tidbits of news that both made me laugh at the mere thought of their premises.

First, Will Ferrell and his partner Adam McKay are now set to produce a new EDM-themed, R-rated comedy film entitled I’m in Love With The DJ, written by Lauryn KahnIt’s actually a romantic comedy that follows a girl whose two best friends join her on a work trip to Spain. Work turns into partying and a “bloodthirsty hunt for an attractive DJ, unfolding through the electronic dance music scene abroad.” This sounds great and something different for Will if he were to actually star in it.

Then, for any fans of Step Brothers out there… Ferrell is set to reunite with John C. Reilly on a movie called Border Guards.

Via Deadline, “It’s a comedy that McKay is eyeing to direct, with Ferrell and Reilly playing two hapless but earnest friends who decide to give purpose to their lives by protecting America’s borders from illegal immigrants. In the process they find themselves accidentally stranded in Mexico without identification and must sneak back into the U.S.”

Ladies and gents, Ferrell has two winners on his hand (on paper, of course) and I’ll remember this proclamation when both movies see the big screen.

step-brothers-best friends

h/t Deadline

Godzilla [Extended Trailer]

Last night, I got my first glimpse at the new rebirth of the Godzilla franchise as a brief trailer played during the Final Four. I was amazed at the quick looks I got of the monster terrorizing the city and of course turn to the interwebs for the extended look. It’s a safe bet that we’ll have visual nirvana on May 16th, especially if we see it in iMAX HD. And Breaking Bad fans… Bryan Cranston stars.

Wes Anderson’s centered composition

Brilliant filmmaker Wes Anderson just hit theatres with his latest movie The Grand Budapest Hotel and to get you further hyped to see the new work, take a look at this excellent, quick compilation of Wes Anderson’s signature composition. In films like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou, and The Royal Tenenbaums (the latter two being my favorite), Anderson has always kept his still and moving shots with the same centered presentation. This consistency adds to the unique mood he creates in every one of his films and contributes to his identity. After all, “a Wes Anderson movie” is a mainstream phrase for film fans.

Seeing the design as presented above is a great way to understand Anderson’s meticulous attention to detail and appeal to fans of clean, minimalist design. (*raises hand* here!) All these shots that range from Bill Murray to a windmill in the distance to stacking rocks provide, as Fast Company perfectly puts it, “comforting cinematic feng shui occurring on either side.” Enjoy and appreciate!

Adrien Brody in the new Wes Anderson movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'
Adrien Brody in the new Wes Anderson movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’
h/t Kogonada (on the video) & Death + Taxes