Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer

Coolest movie trailer I’ve seen in awhile. It gets better all the way through the end and the thumping, suspenseful sound throughout is appropriately epic. I won’t spoil the reveal at the end, but… what. Crazy. As a casual Transformers fan, I now want to see the start of the Mark Wahlberg era.

Screencap from the trailer… gorgeous.

After watching the trailer…. this was a related video I just had to run back for ole time’s sake.

Entourage Movie release date

Dah, I was hoping this would be sooner, but alas: June 12, 2015 is when we’ll see Vinny Chase & Co. back on the screen. The gang is back together again and currently filming the hotly anticipated flick. The other details that have recently come out about the cast is that it’ll include Kid Cudi as Ari’s assistant and Billy Bob Thornton & Haley Joe Osmont as a father/son combo. Intriguing adds with more celebs surely to star/cameo. Are you excited for the Entourage Movie?

h/t Variety

LeBron James in Space Jam 2 greenlit

Reports Deadline:

Broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol‘s sons have come on board to develop the sequel to 1996 animated/live-action hit Space Jam as a starring vehicle for James.

I love Space Jam. I also love Michael Jordan. LeBron? Well, I’m not the biggest fan of his. Never really resonated with his personality. He’s hands down the choice here, and I can see Space Jam 2 being successful nearly 20 years after the original. It’ll be fun, and there should be a fun cast of all-stars and probably Kevin Hart joining him. Now let’s see if it takes the next step into production.

ICYMI, Space Jam recreated on 2K14. Another reason why it needs to come back!

Kid Cudi: Entourage Movie

Exciting news for the fan of Cudi and Entourage like I. Kid Cudi is set to star in the hotly anticipated Entourage Movie and will play the part of Ari Gold’s assistant. Now, I’m especially excited about the fact that Cudi has more than a cameo in the movie that will feature countless of them, but I question the assistant role. As I explained to a friend, Cudi is a baller… Ari’s assistant is berated. Like, really berated. So I’ll have to see if it’s the right fit when the movie hits the big screen late this year I believe? Also… does this mean that Kid Cudi doesn’t exist among the celebrities in the Entourage world? Just a hypothetical to ponder longer than you should…

h/t Deadline

ICYMI: Kid Cudi ‘Satellite Flight’ [Album Art + Tracklist]

Need For Speed [Extended Trailer]

Last night, Need For Speed was the first movie trailer seen in the Super Bowl — a nice look for the Aaron Paul-led film on the famous racing franchise that’s set to hit theatres this Spring. Also in the movie: none other than Kid Cudi. He and Paul introduce this web-only extended trailer that didn’t play in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, Cudi is only in the trailer at the very end, but the movie does look like one us fellas will enjoy. Check it out!

Ray Allen & Spike Lee discuss He Got Game sequel

He Got Game. A movie that still today is fondly remembered as having a lasting impact on hip hop culture.

It’s one of the best basketball movies out. One of Denzel’s top roles ever. One of Spike Lee’s best joints. And of course, a young Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Now, an old Ray Allen may reprise the role of J. Shuttlesworth. Says Allen before Tuesday’s game against the Pelicans:

Sequels to most movies are always fluff and not as good as the first. But it’s something we’ve [he and Spike] been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good story line and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing.

Now this would be all sorts of awesome, right? My guess for the premise would be something along the lines of Shuttlesworth as the mentor for his son, being there for him when his father Jake (Denzel) wasn’t, but imparting the same wisdom he eventually did. I dunno, something like that.

2Pac, the Jedi Knight?

A fun tidbit to think about today: 2Pac could have been cast as Mace Windu in Star Wars: Episode I. Says former collaborator and chief engineer of Death Row Records, Rick Clifford, in a new interview with

[Tupac] was telling me that he was supposed to read for George Lucas and [Lucasfilm]. They wanted him to be a Jedi.

No official comment from LucasFilms, but c’mon, this one’s fun to believe it’s true. And yes, that’s Hologram Tupac photoshopped as a projection from R2D2 (h/t CoS).