NBA 2K16 #Winning Trailer

NBA 2K season is here and it’ll be out even earlier this year compared to the start of the actual NBA season: September 25th.

Above is a new trailer that highlights all of today’s superstars (did I miss Westbrook tho? Because he’s on NBA Live’s cover?!) and some of the new faces in new places. It’s cool to see the new jerseys as well: the Bucks one looks more strange than it should, I’m vibing with the neon green for the Hawks, and the Clippers’ jerseys look as terrible in video games as they should in real life.

My only critique: “All I Do Is Win” has got to go. Lame choice of song. Operation Sports breaks down the cool, subtle features to the tee.

Finally, stay tuned til the end for a preview of how MyCareer is going to evolve… I like it.

Bulls Show 146: Player Previews with Metta World Miz

In a guest spot similar to Gar Forman hiring one of his cronies to the Bulls staff, Nillz is joined by friend of the show “Miz” to discuss our expectations this season for each player on the Bulls roster. We address questions such as will Derrick be the team’s best player, will Jimmy Butler be a 2-time all star, will Taj get traded, could Niko be the best Euro in the league, and will Joakim return to the organization as a free agent?

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ICYMI: Bulls Show 145 with Mitch, Nillz, and E talkin’ more Bulls offseason, the 3-on-3 tourney they’re playing in

Bulls Show 145: Meet Me on the Court

With little basketball news to discuss, we spend far too much time talking about an upcoming 3 on 3 basketball tournament, baseball hats, and Geno Smith. Somewhere in this episode, we do offer our reactions to self-proclaimed point guard Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose not on Team USA, and the Bulls’ schedule.

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TIBS EDIT: I’ll be participating in this 3-on-3 tourney too this weekend. Mitch & E, see you in the Finals!

Steph Curry on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Steph Curry was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the two bounced around on a number of topics starting with Curry’s round of golf with the President last Friday.

The MVP also talked about growing up around Muggsy Bogues, his mouth guard chewing habit, and his adorable daughter Riley even gets a cameo. Watch all the clips below.

ICYMI: The top 100 Plays of the NBA Season (Official Video)

This was a test, ha! 🙂 I guess Halle was a guest recently too after browsing the JKL channel for these Curry clips.

BONUS: Anthony Davis was also on the late-night circuit with James Corden last night. He teaches him how to Whip and Nae-Nae in addition to talks of his new contract and NBA 2K16. Also, he’s sitting next to Patrick Stewart!

NBA’s Top 100 Plays of the Season

The NBA put out a new video this week of the Top 100 Plays of the Season. No countdown, but literally taking us from the beginning of the season, through the all-star break, and into the playoffs. Even for a die-hard like me, I saw some plays for the first time in the 20+ minutes above.

Couple quick takeaways: what a year for memorable highlights. Steph’s dream season will always be remembered with his shifty ballhandling on CP3, Russell Westbrook, and Delly in the Finals. And generally speaking too, how about all these buzzer beaters?! So many unbelievable ones.

October 27, please come here soon.