New #PhotoPoem by J. Ivy

“Remember who I am, For I am man made of dust, So I adjust to avoid returning to ashes, By creating Classics that can’t be cremated… I’m elated. Birth was belated, An old soul, Who was meant to come up during these times of the sedated, Relay my FATHER’s messages with words, So truth is related, Therefore it’s LOVED & HATED…” #PhotoPoem By J. Ivy

Whoo! What depth delivered with such conciseness. Create, my friends!

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‘Waiting on Time’ by Mickey Factz

POETRY TUESDAYS: Waiting on Time by Mickey Factz Art by Genbu Aéreo Waiting on Time As my mind clutters I wonder about these timed numbers Some people see it is as waste I see it as a base If your confined to the time on a wall hanging up next to the window with your blinds Or the time on your wrist constraining the blood flow to your fingertips Then you my friend don’t exist This is me.. A jumbled piece of numeric gumbo I blueprint my own path for fun so… This game will land me on a land without funco Gung ho While you are imprisoned with your two hands pointing at numbers slug slow Seconds can last eternities when your restless But my hours last for minutes cause Im reckless See in the back of my mind these numbers dance and prance And lead me to go to camps in france Wallow the day away or stay focused on a task This is my moment in the past I am floating, I will bask In the ocean… On a raft With no notion I can grasp Of… Time Because I don’t wait on it It waits on me… And best believe it is as patient as can be…. Factz.

Mickey Factz is a must-follow on IG. If he’s not posting photos of art museums he’s at, or vintage 90s basketball players, he’s now writing some poetry. This above is the first installment of Poetry Tuesdays and as Mickey continually proves he’s one of my favorite lyricists, I’m naturally intrigued.

This piece reads like a reflective stream of consciousness as Mickey effortlessly mixes rhymes with substance. I especially resonate with the end of the poem, starting with “This is my moment…” #Truth Hope this connects with your heart like it does with myself and many of Mickey’s loyal fans.

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J. Ivy “Picture me rolling…”

“Picture me rolling.
Picture you holding your gifts on top of the world as you maneuver thru the maze,
The haze.
Each phase praised by the spirits you raise,
The smiles you create,
The misfortune you transform,
Hands on,
Hands down you hold the keys,
Unlock your joy,
That’s been imprisoned by the boxes life puts us in,
Get out,
Shout if you have to,
Be conscious of what energy has you,
Remember you have you to lean on,
That untapped strength that rest inside,
That passion you can’t always get outside,
Our lives keep on moving,
Cruising like the wind we breeze thru,
Don’t be afraid to be you,
Be brave,
Be free,
Be alive,
Find the road to your peace,
And ride…”

By J. Ivy ‪#‎linesonmymind‬

Today’s J. Ivy “photo poem” he frequently posts on his Instagram. He’s a must-follow on IG for these with this one featuring some icing on the cake for me personally as J is powerfully rockin’ our Gowhere Hat, which adds to the photo and concept of the piece above. I’m going to try and repost more of these from J. Ivy for the New Age section — keep in tune!

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Kobe: Be You with No Gimmicks

I caught wind of this new interview by Bloomberg News with the increasingly candid Kobe Bryant stemming from the news that he has an upcoming Showtime documentary coming out this November: Kobe Bryant’s Muse. In the interview above, Kobe talks about how he wants to inspire with the documentary and dishes out his advice to, really anyone. As the headline suggests, just be yourself. It’s a simple message, you’ve definitely heard it before, but the way Kobe speaks on it and serves as an example of it makes it carry more weight.

Another fun part of the interview: Kobe revealing he cold calls some of the world’s biggest names in business… for business advice. True Mamba striving to be the best by asking the best how they do what they do. Ha!

Q: You’ll pick up the phone and call people who are leaders in industry just pick their brain?
A: Exactly [laughs]. I just cold-call people. Absolutely. I just cold-call people and pick their brain about stuff. Some of the questions that I ask will seem really, really simple and stupid, quite honestly, to them. But if I don’t know, I don’t know and I have to ask. I’ll just do that; I’ll just ask questions. I want to learn more about how they built their business or how they run their companies, and how they see the world.
Q: So who are some of the people that you pick up the phone and call?
A: (laughs) We can just start in the Nike family – I cold-call [Nike CEO] Mark Parker all the time… [Apple VP of Design] Jony Ive, [“Just Do It” coiner and advertising executive] Dan Weiden, Oprah Winfrey, recently [The Huffington Post founder] Arianna Huffington. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on – Hilary Swank (laughs) – it just goes on.

The origin of the high-five

Watch the 30 For 30 Short: “The High-Five” here

A new ESPN 30 For 30 Short debuted today and it was too good not to shed some light on it here. As the headline suggests, “The High Five” uncovers the uncommonly known story of how the simplest, most awesome celebration came about. The 1977 Dodgers invented the high-five as rookie Glenn Burke excitedly put his hand up to Dusty Baker after he hit his 30th home run of the season and… well, I’ll let Dusty describe it.

Interestingly enough, the documentary took an unexpected turn to this young baseball fan who was unaware of this story. Via Grantland:

From there, our short follows Burke’s story as he became a victim of bigotry and then a local hero for social change.

The short takes a serious turn and examines how different society was in the 70s. I’m glad to see the positives come out of it and I couldn’t help but feel for Burke, especially with how homosexual athletes don’t deal with the same bigotry as back then. Importantly as well, the doc does a great job highlighting the universal language a “high-five” has become and it’s amazing to see Burke’s invention unifying people today and for generations to come.

Watch the 30 For 30 Short: “The High-Five” here

So many great GIFs… and the best way to sum up LeBron’s return to Cleveland.