Bulls Show #147: Derrick Rose Lawsuit

Mitch & Nillz react to the uncomfortable & controversial lawsuit filed against Derrick Rose and discuss the implications from a legal standpoint.


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Bulls Show 146: Player Previews with Metta World Miz

In a guest spot similar to Gar Forman hiring one of his cronies to the Bulls staff, Nillz is joined by friend of the show “Miz” to discuss our expectations this season for each player on the Bulls roster. We address questions such as will Derrick be the team’s best player, will Jimmy Butler be a 2-time all star, will Taj get traded, could Niko be the best Euro in the league, and will Joakim return to the organization as a free agent?


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ICYMI: Bulls Show 145 with Mitch, Nillz, and E talkin’ more Bulls offseason, the 3-on-3 tourney they’re playing in

Bulls Show 145: Meet Me on the Court

With little basketball news to discuss, we spend far too much time talking about an upcoming 3 on 3 basketball tournament, baseball hats, and Geno Smith. Somewhere in this episode, we do offer our reactions to self-proclaimed point guard Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose not on Team USA, and the Bulls’ schedule.


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TIBS EDIT: I’ll be participating in this 3-on-3 tourney too this weekend. Mitch & E, see you in the Finals!

Bulls Show 144: Offseason Overview

Mitch is back to talk free agency, summer league, starting bigs, and all of the beef between Jimmy/Derrick, Scottie/Shaq & Drake/Meek.


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TIBS EDIT: Nillz still in regular season form.

Bulls Show 143: Free Agency Follow-Up

Jay Patt of BlogABull joins Nillz to discuss the Bulls’ (same) roster now that the free agency dust has mostly settled, what they would do differently, and how the team stacks up against the improved Eastern Conference heading into next season.


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Peter Rosenberg on The Russillo Show

As a fan of SVP & Russillo up until the show’s end a couple of weeks ago, and now Ryen Russillo‘s solo show (aptly titled The Russillo Show), I was pleasantly surprised to fire up the recap podcast with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg co-hosting.

The two talk about the day’s sports topics (as yesterday’s DeAndre Jordan saga was just beginning) but at multiple times the convo steers towards rap. Rosenberg explains the Nicki Minaj story (and how, if you could imagine, it actually helped his career), but even more interesting was his convo on Jay Z & Nas with Russillo, a Jay Z skeptic if you may. This part begins around the 30 minute mark here — click to listen to the full 1 hour show.

Somethin a lil different this morning as this is how I started mine. Catch Rosenberg on The Russillo Show again later today at noon CT (ESPN News, I believe. The podcast up again later in the afternoon.)

Oh yeah! Spotted Rosenberg’s dope photo with Megan Rapinoe and Ali Krieger of our Gold Medal winning USWNT!

Cheesin w @akrieger11 and @mrapinoe w SVP staring …. #Champions !!!!!!! 🇺🇸🏆 #TheRussilloShow #ESPN

A photo posted by Peter rosenberg (@rosenbergradio) on


Bulls Show 142: Free Agency Frenzy

Ricky O’Donnell of BlogABull & SB Nation stops by with a free agency update on Mike Dunleavy, Jimmy Butler, and other targets at the guard position. Ricky also shares everything he knows about Bulls draft pick, Bobby Portis.


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