Alex Wiley & Kembe X visit Radio DePaul

I had the pleasure of having two standout Chicago emcees swing by to Radio DePaul for my radio show this past Thursday. It was an honor to have Alex Wiley & Kembe X, two humble performers enlighten myself and listeners to their lives and the type of individuals they are. They were even cool enough to write a friend of mine a letter expressing their appreciation for a supporter of the craft and culture they form part of, being Chicago HipHop. We also have footage from Alex’s show at Reggies, which he headlined the day after the interview. VillageUp!

Audio From Radio DePaul Interview:

Pics From Radio DePaul [Alex & Kembe Sign Radio DePaul Wall of Fame]:

Footage From Alex Wiley Headlining Show @ Reggies:

Follow Alex & Kembe via Twitter:
Alex Wiley: @Alex_Wiley
Kembe X: @Kembe_X

Bulls Show 70: The Cartier Martin Effect

We analyze the streaking Bulls, winners of 5 straight and sitting in 5th place of the Leastern Conference. We also dissect Joakim Noah’s recent comments against tanking and predict where the Bulls go from here now that the dust from the Luol Deng trade has settled.

As always, you can listen to the episode regularly as a podcast (subscribe to the show on iTunes) or now check out our new YouTube channel below!

Bulls Show 68: Special Guest Sgt. Tibs

I’m back! …As a special guest on a new episode of The Bulls Show. I linked up with MitchNillz, and E last night to look for the positives after the second straight Bulls loss in which we haven’t scored at least 80 points. The Bulls have lost 9 of their last 11 (7 of 9 without Rose) and so we look ahead to the Bulls’ chances of making the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference and also discuss what we all thought of last week’s Derrick Rose press conference.

So what are those positives? Well, we dream ahead about the “Euro Hero” Nikola Mirotic and provide the internet with the most in-depth breakdown of this week’s viral video from Knicks fan Billy to feel better about the loss to New York last night. In fact, watch that below (and you’ll understand the episode cover art), then zoom ahead to the 45 minute mark if you can’t wait for said breakdown.

PLUS, this isn’t the only show we recorded last night — we broke off on an extended tangent and extensive discussion about Kanye going from Nike to adidas and Drake signing with the Jordan Brand that it’s going to be its own (and first) sideshow. Subscribe to The Bulls Show on iTunes to hear it right when it goes live and to check out past episodes of the best podcast for your Chicago Bulls.