YANDHI 9 29 18

The first audio preview of ‘Ye’s new album dropping in parallel with his guest appearance on the season premiere of SNL on Saturday. I dig the soulful flavor but not much of anything else (so far.) Wondering if the album will be as contradictory as ‘Ye’s ‘fit.ย ๐Ÿค”

Hollywood vibes…

Hip hop heads may know Klever as Yelawolf’s touring DJ, but he’s also a dope beatsmith. This is sounding raw as we await October 12th.

The random 2K19 track I have on repeat

Anybody get the new NBA 2K19?*

Well, every year there are usually multiple songs that I randomly fall in love with on repeat status that puts me in a feel-good mood or on the court itself. Last year it was Shakira singing in Spanish and freaking Pitbull.

This year, it’s this uptempo song by a bunch of artists I’m not familiar with but the hook begins, “Touchdown, Boomshakalaka” and continues to stick with me on many (many) repeat listens. Lol. Enjoy!

*Like me at the midnight release? Smh.

ZHU ‘Ringo’s Desert’ (Album Stream)


September is full of hot new albums and one not to overlook, especially for a different vibe, is ZHU’s Ringo’s Desert.

It’s not as totally upbeat as ZHU’s early releases, but it still has some of those elements off the top. Great riding music.

A couple of cuts I’ve found myself going back to all month: “Ghost In My Bed” and “Waters of Monaco”. Both kind of take a little bit to get going but once they do… (or after a couple listens at least…)

SG Lewis has the perfect record for sunsets ๐ŸŒ…

Naturally, it’s called “Sunsets”. But Pt. 2 is > Pt. 1 and my favorite off the overall solidย Dusk EP that SG Lewis dropped earlier this summer. The hook is so well-written. I mean, if you smoothly include the word anecdotes and it fits thematically too, you got something in my book.

And of course, the pulsating synths and sound matches a lonely sunset as we keep the R&B summer vibes going here on Gowhere.

*Tibs Fav.