Usher’s surprise album is definitely produced by Zaytoven

Pleasantly surprised by a new Usher album on #NewMusicFriday… and the headline is inspired by literally every track starting off with the Zaytoven tag. Haha. Just start each track and the volume gets slightly louder by the end. After all, the album is technically “Usher & Zaytoven”.

That observation aside: I was hopeful for some instant classic Usher to match some of his singles post-Confessions era (let alone anything approaching Confessions or 8701) but that hope went quickly to naught.

Sadly, the only joint that really stood out was “You Decide” (below) with the overall sound of the album matching the underwhelming, OFF-White knockoff cover. I’ll give it some spins over the weekend to see what grows on me though, but even more than that, I’ll just spin back those classics.

RDGLDGRN is back… and is that a Five One reunion?!

The highlight of new music this weekend comes from the colors: RDGLDGRN as their new song and music video is a memorable combo through and through.

My shared love of hoops resonated immediately with the thumbnail, but it’s more than that. Scenes from the soccer field and a zany culminating “fight” with… is that Blue?!

OG Gowhere heads know about The Five One.

If you’re confused, peruse through those YouTube comments.

The raps alone from King Green warrant *Tibs Fav. status but they come correct with the video as well. Give it a look!

Anderson Paak’s new single is perfect for your tinted windows whip

It’s an especially great feeling bumping this having literally just bought a new whip with black tints already installed in the back windows and windshield.

If you’re curious… and haha, it’s a Honda Accord.

Oh right, the song. Love Anderson Paak’s feel-good LA vibe that comes across on this one again. That said, I coulda used more from Kendrick Lamar. Disappointing feature, but he gets a pass.

*Tibs Fav.

T.I. “Seasons” f/ Sam Hook (and oh yeah, Dave Chappelle)

T.I. albums usually take multiple listens for it to grow on me (yup, even Urban Legend and King) but on his latest this weekend, The Dime Trap, track 01 has been bumpin’ all weekend.

Chappelle begins his narrating endeavor, T.I. opens up lyrically, but it’s Sam Hook and the band that closes it out at the end that takes the cake for me.

*Tibs Fav.

Lil Wayne returns… Carter V Stream


As promised, and nah, there’s no delay!

  • XXXTENTACION on the first song… powerful. (R.I.P. 🙏)
  • The Obama shoutout at the end of “Dedicate”… flex on ’em Weezy!
  • Swizzy brings it on “Uproar” to put this at max. volume…
  • Mona Lisa…

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Wayne and Kendrick on Mona Lisa 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Open Letter… Famous (with his daughter Reginae)… vintage reflective Weezy.
  • Snoop and a flip of Dre’s “Xxplosive”. When that dropped… man. Immediate add to the car rotation here in L.A.
  • And then it started to feel long… I’m not the biggest Weezy fan so take it for what it is though.
  • Definitely got the mid-2000s sound a few times too, which for the Ashanti feature… Hey! I didn’t mind!

Weezy returns. How we liking the album so far?