Air Jordan VI Kanye West ‘Donda’ Sample

Readers, this image may make us a little salty that Kanye West left Nike. Apparently, an Air Jordan VI ‘Donda’ was in the works by Kanye West & Jordan Brand while ‘Ye was still there. The shoe features a floral pattern and ‘Donda’, a dedication to Kanye’s late mother, in the insole. Needless to say, there would have been immense hype for this shoe. With ‘Ye’s move to adidas, it looks like this will be all that’s ever seen of the AJVI Donda. One more (blurry) look below:


h/t Sneaker Addict

Drake’s OVO Jordans (Detail Photos)

Drake‘s OVO Jordans are the new hottest shoe we can’t have. And that unofficial trophy (no pun intended) is only more warranted after October’s Very Own & Jordan Brand finally released some official images.

Browse the gallery above for the Jordan X and Jordan XII OVO versions. The black and white colorways are branded with the ‘OVO’ and ‘owl’ logos. I don’t really have anything to critique on these, design-wise. All four colorways are so clean. I especially like the balance of leather on the black colorways.

Where I would like to critique these is availability-wise. Complex says that the shoes are only limited to Drake and his OVO camp so we can only rely on prayers to find a way to get ’em on our feet. Or maybe get an invite from OVO… but I guess it’s no new friends :-/

“Infrared 23” Air Jordan VI release date

The new Infrareds are on the way soon and on the way for the Air Jordan VI! February 15th, to be exact so mark your calendars (and shop safely!). While I know bright red shoes don’t go with many outfits, I like to have a pair of those to spice things up and I can’t think of any better sneaker to update my go-2 choice. Your thoughts? One more photo below.


Drake’s OVO Jordans on eBay for 100K

One more notable from “Drake Night” β€” you see, Drizzy gave away two pairs to random fans at the Raptors game the other night, and to no one’s surprise, they’re on eBay, unworn and relaxing on a $100K bid right now. Hey, that’s good for the buzz though. And the more I see this black colorway, the more I dig it. The inside of the tongue is a new detail I especially like. I would easily outbid this $100K for ’em too (you know, if I um, had, 100K to spend on shoes).

UPDATE:Β The white OVO Jordans also went up on eBay and can be currently had a little cheaper. Emphasis on a little. The current bid is at $99,900. Place your bid View more raw pics on eBay of the white colorway here.

adidas announces Jeremy Lin signing

It was revealed last week, and today officially announced by adidas: Jeremy Lin has signed a new deal to join the three stripes (successfully pulling a Kanye by switching from Nike). adidas should have included the parenthesis as part of their press release (snippeted below) as an extra jab to their competitor. Or at least a Jeremy Lin pun, because it’s 2014 and I’m still not tired of them, especially a quality one like their hashtag above. Missed opportunity, dah well. Says Lin,

I’m really excited to join the adidas family. They’ve changed the game with new technology and style and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Lin will be featured in a variety of upcoming adidas marketing initiatives and will play a role in the development of basketball footwear and apparel.

Seriously speaking, this seems like a great merge for Lin and adidas, as the company has already built brand loyalty in China with the T-Mac’s during the Tracy McGrady/Yao Ming era. Now, in addition to his teammate Dwight Howard and his immense popularity in Asia, I can see a full Jeremy Lin x adidas takeover in the Orient. Money will be made, and hopefully through a signature shoe (Dame Lillard needs one too now, adidas…)