Chief Keef “No Cashier”

Chicago’s very own Chief Keef drops “No Cashier” a song featured on DJ Genius, MuzikFene & 3rdy Baby’s upcoming mixtape “Sour Diesel 11”

What do you guys think?

Izzy Rythm “Out of Reach”

Chicago singer/songwriter, Izzy Rythm drops a strong release within “Out of Reach”, a track that discusses slowly losing those around those as he illustrates in his lyrics, “How can you be so close, and feel so far away?” This track here is a gem.

Saih “They Love Me” (Prod. mr. jugglar)

A very good friend of mine (mr. jugglar) is closely affiliated with Saih, and recently he has been showing me his music.  Saih is actually out here in Phoenix like me, it’s great to see that artists out here in my area are making music like this.  Being inspired by Atlanta hip hop and Oakland hip hop growing up, I definitely think that helped him create a innovative sound and an all around original style.  A track produced by mr. jugglar with some really cool bird samples, it is a very creative and unique beat.  The over all sound of the beat mixed with Saih’s slow “slur” in his flow, in my opinion I actually really like that, I think it keeps his sound innovative.  Take a listen and expect more from my man Saih out here in Phoenix.