A-Plus & Aagee “Blue Tear Drops”

A-Plus & Aagee released “Molly’s Dirty Water” an LP, Monday night the video for “Blue Tear Drops” was released. An instrumental with a dope visual to come along with it is always something cool to see.  With an all graphic made video it was more on the “triply” or “psychedelic” side of things but hey… what else would you expect from someone from Hieroglyphics.

A-Plus & Aagee “Molly’s Dirty Water” (LP)

“An instrumental blend of hip hop and dance, creating a soup of hip hop samples and electronic-styled synths. Considering the two genres’ relatively tight knit history, the song itself sounds natural and raw, even when bringing a psychedelic element to the table.”

– Earmilk

The hip-hop veterans cite their experiences partying at EDM clubs as inspiration for this experimental new project, which fuses a hip-hop attitude with the sonic vocabulary of EDM production styles. The mix of instrumental-only tracks and tracks with lyrics makes for a diverse project with glitch-hop roots. Labeling their character “Molly” as a drug reference would be an oversimplification: A-Plus says of their concept, “…some songs are more about a cool girl named Molly, others about a not so cool girl named Molly.”

For nearly two decades, A-Plus has been honing his skills as producer, artist, and businessman as a founding member of Hieroglyphics and Souls Of Mischief. He and AAGEE joined forces as production team Compound 7 to earn production credits on albums such as A-Plus’ My Last Good Deed and Casual’s Smash Rockwell LP. Their concept album, Pepper Spray, which features fellow Hiero member Del The Funky Homosapien, reimagined some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ most epic tracks.”

This is something new… This LP from A-Plus was very new and surprising to me.  A whole new sound came along with this LP and it was done right.  This is a must listen.

Mic Torrance (Feat. Nxffie) “Car Alarms”

Mic Torrance a hip hop artist out of the suburbs of Chicago drops his newest single “Car Alarms” being the second single off his upcoming mixtape “Gravity”.  Mic describes the struggle he’s been through and where he is at in his career. With a very old school boom gap type beat, mic really goes in, he shows how he can switch up flows with ease and bring dope lyrics.  Nxffie has a really cool sound and just flows, with that real Chicago sound he just all around spits.