Review:The Carters “Apes**t” Is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s First Video From Their Joint Album

Review: Branding as icons in front of iconic pieces at the Louvre like the Mona Lisa, Nike von Samothrake, and the Great Sphinx of Tanis.

…But what are they actually saying in this song?? The visuals are really artsy, set design is on point, and I appreciate that they are creating beautiful imagery at Louvre. I even enjoy the beat, their delivery, and subtle harmonies throughout.

But again what is this song about?! Thankful about making it? How do these lyrics represent that “Everything Is Love”? Expensive habits, ice ornaments, 35 chains, (glorifying capitalism, consumerism, fake shit) Smoke gorilla glue like it’s fucking legal (sniffing glue.. what?), Banana clips for that monkey business (promoting violence), Sippin’ my favorite alcohol (Alcohol ruins lives) Got me so lit I need Tylenol (prescription pills destroy mental health), they wishing they equal (being better than other people) I don’t give a damn ’bout the fame (ya you do) -> Hang one night with Yoncé, I’ll make you famous.

I know Beyonce and Jay Z are intelligent people, and are at heart positive and promote positive things, but this is something fake. They know how the law of attraction works, they know what they are doing. This song is a good example of how a very well packaged mask of positivity is used to promote negativity. Everything about the branding of this video looks positive, everything except the lyrics… what they are saying in this song is by definition not positive.. it’s ego glorification. It’s what is popular, will hype people’s egos up, make The Carters more money, and promote the same negative bullshit that is actually destroying people’s lives. I know people that pretend to be positive just to glorify their ego to make others think they are such amazing people, when in fact they don’t actually care about any of it. They only care about glorifying themselves in any way possible. #cloutchasers

The album is called ‘Everything Is Love’ — then why are they lyrically promoting hate? They are branding with icons at the Louvre, but their lyrics are not iconic. Words become things. Words feed the subconscious mind to create a reality that reflects those words. These are the two most popular artists in Hip Hop setting an example that is lyrically saying to make it you have to negatively glorify your ego with a positive facade at the forefront. I’m not buying it like the brainwashed crowds. I can see through it.

That is not my idea of making it. I believe making it is world peace and abundance for all. Unity consciousness. Love consciousness. Equality in diversity. Redistribution of wealth. Mindfulness. Taking care of our planet and everything on it. Healthy habits of body, mind, and spirit. Not this fake shit.

Again.. I know Beyonce and Jay Z are spiritual and positively oriented, so I believe they are doing this to sort of fit in with the current culture… but if they are really about that Ascension life… then they need to take a closer look in the mirror and transform the remaining negatively that causes them to promote negativity in the guise of positivity. We really need good people to stand up and go against the grain of what’s “normal”. Peace and love to all, an honest critique.



BONUS SINGLE: SALUD! >>   (3:33 time stamp)

BBHMM Barbershop Quartet

I lowkey love barbershop quartets. Jimmy Fallon and Joesph Gordon-Levitt actually have their own quartet apparently, The Ragtime Gals, and they covered Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” in fantastic fashion last night below. The lyrics, the layers of the voices, everything. Even if you’re not a Ri-Ri fan or of that single, you’ll appreciate this:

Daft Punk Unchained (Trailer)

Remember in the summer when Daft Punk Unchained was leaked in full but it was only in French?

Well, even if you don’t, the Daft Punk doc today reveals an official, English trailer, for its upcoming stateside release.

Kanye West and Pharrell appear in the trailer and add their high praise for the dance music duo. It’s a chilling, well-shot look all the way through the end scene and I look forward to my first real viewing on a date that’s still yet to be determined. Enjoy!

Donald Glover on Conan

Last night on Conan, Donald Glover was a guest on Conan, not performing as Childish Gambino but instead there to promote his new role in The Martian with Matt Damon (lookin’ forward to that movie).

As part of the interview, Glover reflected on his transition from acting to rap and even recalled a funny, also logical reaction from his mother. I can relate. Not with rap, but with the mom reaction, hah.

Watch the full interview here.