RDGLDGRN is back… and is that a Five One reunion?!

The highlight of new music this weekend comes from the colors: RDGLDGRN as their new song and music video is a memorable combo through and through.

My shared love of hoops resonated immediately with the thumbnail, but it’s more than that. Scenes from the soccer field and a zany culminating “fight” with… is that Blue?!

OG Gowhere heads know about The Five One.

If you’re confused, peruse through those YouTube comments.

The raps alone from King Green warrant *Tibs Fav. status but they come correct with the video as well. Give it a look!


Eddie Supa is one of Chicago’s hottest artists this year. Sold out shows that’s even more lit than the crowd in his video. This new version actually dropped today with some fire new edits.

SUUUUPPAAAAA not only raps, but sings and produces. Hear another vibe with one of my songs of the summer — the sax heavy “Love Again”.

(All these Simpsons’ clips on Supa’s gram are amazing btw. 😂)

*Tibs Fav.

The “Got Friends” short film is… different.

Lots to unpack here…

  1. How are they going to leave those pancakes untouched? 🤦‍♂️
  2. Dude really didn’t get a tip. 😂
  3. 3:49 Oh hell no!

    … not going to be able to sleep tonight. 🙀
  4. Wait so, I don’t think of this song in the jolly way I have been all summer. SMH. Miguel is smooth with it at least. Will still play it for the ladies. 🤷‍♂️

Rest easy, Mac

Still reeling. This tragedy had me shook. I told my buds too, I wasn’t even a fan of Mac Miller’s music like that. To me, his authenticity, coolness, and overall positive vibe is what I liked most about him even more than the music.

I’ve been gravitating to this collab a lot lately — an uplifting one he dropped with Anderson .Paak which is the perfect vibe for sunny LA.

R.I.P. 🙏