Lady Gaga & T.I. perform at MSG

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised but I still am since Lady Gaga and T.I. are such the odd pairing. T.I. was a guest on Artpop‘s “Jewels & Drugs” and surprised the MSG audience to perform his verse live at last night’s show. Pretty good fan footage of the event above.

Backflip Off The Backboard Dunk

As the title suggests, this is pretty cool.

It’s rare that something basketball-related yet non-NBA makes the Gowhere pages during this time of year. But the “Lords of Gravity” acrobat-dunker Botond Dajka pulled off this incredible backflip off the backboard dunk at a recent NBA 3x event in Bilbao, Spain for its well-deserved spot. I saw J.E. Skeets of #TheStarters tweet this the other day, then Ronnie2K tweet he needs to figure out a way to get this in the game, then just now again on the ESPN front page. Basically, this video is going viral and I’m happy to do my small part. Enjoy!

MJ & JT “Love Never Felt So Good”

One day after the release of Xscape comes the new official video for Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake‘s collab “Love Never Felt So Good”. The feel-good, nostalgic single keeps growing on me and provides a new heartwarming feeling with the MJ dance tribute above. The entire video splices in classic dance moves from Michael, then emulated by Justin and a variety of fans of different ages, sizes, and styles. If this video doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, well, then I guess you’re not a dancer? It’s a fun one, enjoy!

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