Chicago Cubs announce Wrigley Field Restoration Plan

This weekend at Cubs Convention, the team announced a $300 million dollar renovation plan for the Friendly Confines at Wrigley Field. The five-year plan will bring the amenities for fans and players to 21st-century standards.

This is great news for any Cubs fan and anyone who appreciates the iconic landmark of Wrigley Field. After rumors for years that they would build another Wrigley Field, it looks like that won’t be an option anymore after the Ricketts family funds the five-year renovation (that will also not be under construction during the seasons, so that won’t be an issue either).

I’ve been privileged to work at Wrigley as… fun fact!… a seat vendor back in my high school days. Going to the ballpark everyday never got old – it truly is a magical feeling in Wrigley and I couldn’t be happier that they’re putting in the investment to renovate a stadium that means just as much to others so that future generations can enjoy the Friendly Confines as well. Take a look at all 20 of the concept illustrations in the slideshow above (creating illustrations like these was one of my favorite things in architecture school), and, as with most any Cubs news I may post from time to time here on Gowhere, shoutout to Papa Tibs for passing this along (viaBleed Cubbie Blue).

Ant’s Week’in Raps

After a hiatus last week, ya boy is back with some new tunes that dropped throughout this week. So no worries if you didn’t get a chance to tune yourself in. I gotchu covered. Go ahead and peep game below this time around I bring you new releases from Pavy, Curren$y, Fonz-E Mak, and more.

Pavy “On My Lord”


Pavy sure brought the heat. This new release of his entitled “On My Lord” is one of the coldest releases I heard all week. Oh It’s on for 2013. My mans about to come up tough and hard. So y’all be sure to lookout, because there’s a bunch more cold shit on the way. That I know. Pavy’s “Lord Jesus” video masterpiece to drop real soon.

Curren$y “Viva La Life” f/ Corner Boy P


I’m definitely more up on spitter than I am on Fab or Push. So for that I say Curren$y’s version of “Life So Exciting” > the original. To each it’s own you know. Don’t really give a f*ck what you think either. Just grab the download. It’s Jet Life mothaf*ckas!

Fonz-E Mak “Alarm Clock” f/ U.G.


I knew this one was making my end of the week list after I gave it that first listen. Fonz and UG of the 2008ighties crew brought tight rhymes over a smooth bumpin’ groove on this release entitled, “Alarm Clock.” Bet I’m hella looking forward to more from these youngins this upcoming year. Just like I believe Pavy is going to have a great year, I believe the same for this young clique of Chi city MC’s. So to my homie Fonz I say…bring it this year g. I’m looking out for you. I got you. Y’all go ahead and enjoy this now. Tune up!

Joey Bada$$ “Unorthodox” (prod. DJ Premier)


When the legendary DJ Premier gives you a hot beat such as this “Unorthodox” jawn, there’s now way you’re delivering anything less than murk. So you already know what to expect with young Pro Era rapper, Joey Bada$$ on the track. Peep game above and grab that CDQ.

Y’all be sure to enjoy the heat and have a safe and happy weekend. Turn up!


The love/hate week for many of Chicago’s restaurant staff is coming up.  Fresh new line up of $22 prix fixe lunch and $33/$44 dinner menus offered from February 1-10, 2013.  I encourage you to take that extended lunch or excessively fancy dinner during the week because you can!

To find the full list of restaurants and reservations check out OpenTable!

These choices were my close contenders (mainly because I’m not made out of money and had to narrow my choices for my bank accounts & shoe collection’s sake). See my first round picks and continue with my second round picks! I hope you find your new favorite spot in the city!

Srirachana’s Picks Round Two with fine musical pairing!

 photo courtesy Time Out Magazine

pairs well with Rihanna, Lemme Get That

Allium, Gold Coast.  The revamped space inside the Four Seasons Chicago, cleaned up quite well.  Though still pricey, Kevin Hickey, head chef, breathed new life into the menu. The old restaurant was old school, and I mean old school. Way past #TBT status, they served petite fours and all (though that will be missed). The new joint’s kitchen knows what their doing! The food is modern, upbeat, but definitely not too gimmicky. The reason why I can hold off on this is because for all of the month of January, their three-course value offered through the month of January. With their Anti-New Year’s Resolution January menu, they couldn’t haven’t gotten more modern than that. I personally would like to highlight their high end all you can eat FRIED CHICKEN TUESDAYS. Splurge from your waistline and not from your wallet with three course prix fixe, extra entrée helpings, and fancy schmancy drink pairings including Spiked Sweet Tea.  Lemme Get (some of) that!

photo courtesy of NYT Travel

pairs best with TLC, Creep

 Balsan at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, Gold Coast. This sister restaurant to the famed EPIC, also in the Waldorf, gives you that Crazy, Sexy Cool vibe with their unique American Contemporary Bistro fare.  The chefs pay attention to every detail on your plate and every micro detail to flavor.  There is a certain American “sensibility” and luxury at your fingertips.  I’m surprised to see this on the restaurant week list this year – a definite must try!  The hotel itself is a stylish celeb filled haven. (Ahem – I met T.I. & Marlon Wayans here and had the best meal in my life at Ria with my boo- I might be a little sentimental).  Though after morning the short lived and highly respected Ria, (the partners after two years are trying new adventures), the Waldorf still boasts the Balsan.  May the Waldorf forever transcend Luxury Hotel Dining!

photo courtesy of Belly Q

pairs exceptionally with Drake, Thank Me Now

Belly QWest Town.  Brought to you by the brains behind Belly Shack and Urban Belly, Chef Bill Kim’s new concept restaurant brings your season Asian BBQ utilizing local ingredients and a definite jump above regular chinatown roasted meats.  Tradditional yet new, the combination pops in your mouth. I have to admit I was hesistant at first.  I personally don’t care for Asian fusion or different reinventions of Momofuku’s pork belly buns.  My belly is very happily suprised! Your taste buds can just thank me now. You’re welcome.

“Cityscape Chicago” – The Must-See Timelapse

Chicago. Our hometown. And it’s simply beautiful. I love everything about this city.

That’s really all I have to say. I’m at a loss for words after watching this timelapse. Those are the thoughts runnin’ through my head.

Major shouts to Eric Hines. Here’s some more info on how he made the video… and a beautiful Chicago GIF to boot…

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Cityscape Chicago is a personal timelapse piece consisting of over 30,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 5D Mark III incrementally between July and October 2012 around downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The inspiration of this piece was my fascination with the city of Chicago, particularly at night. For me, there has always been a mysterious sort of feeling to Chicago at night, so I decided to explore and capture it.

– Eric Hines


Marina Lofts Revealed – Fort Lauderdale

In a bonus spotlight on architecture this week comes the newly revealed plans for Marina Lofts by architects, BIG. This innovative design will take construction by December of this year along Fort Lauderdale’s downtown riverfront.

The glaring, iconic aspect of the design is clearly the exterior’s split. I love the illusion that this building looks like a Transformer fought through it, and as you can see with the photos above, the space underneath the “crack” is part of the pedestrian-friendly activity of the complex.

The project fills the gap in the waterfront of Downtown Fort Lauderdale stitching the existing fragments of promenade together into a new and revitalized river park adding density and life to the scenic setting. The two buildings are torn open to form a cave and a canyon –opening up for the neighborhood to reach the river . A design made through subtraction rather than addition.

– Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.

The mixed-use complex will house apartments, restaurants, and retail. My only knock is that on the close-ups of the balconies, my first thought was our white Ikea bookshelf at the office. From far away though, it doesn’t have that feel.

And no doubt that next time I go to Miami, I’ll be flying into Fort Lauderdale first. What do you guys think of the design? Rate it below!

More info via ArchDaily

PREVIOUSLY: The Courtyard House – India



Chicago Restaurant Week 2013, your chance to eat at many of Chicago’s top restaurants for a fraction of the price, returns again next month. From February 1st to 10th, you can enjoy $22 three-course prix fixe lunches and $33 or $44 dinners at more than 200 locations throughout Chicagoland. Though still a few weeks out, you better make your reservations now if you want to grab some of the most coveted tables.


It’s that time of year when Chicago’s finest restaurants offer their prix fixe menues for a fraction of the cost. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger in Chicago so book your tables now via Open Table.  I’m anxiously awaiting for the restaurant week menus to be released!



Here are my picks!



GT Fish and Oyster BarRiver North. I was here recently and I definitely will be returning.  From tradditonal seafood dishes to modern staples, GT, a part of the BOKA restaurant group, offers the freshest seafood in Chicago.  Their oysters alone were enough to draw me there but the lobster rolls will keep me coming back for more! (Lunch Only)



Fred’s at BarneysGold Goast.  People keep forgetting that there is a super cozy restaurant on top of Barney’s.  Though the restaurant week discounts do not apply to Barney’s itself, the cafe tucked away on the roof is the perfect hideaway to go to with that special someone.  Utilizing local ingredients and pasta made in house, Fred’s offers a serene setting next to their brick oven and stunning views quietly overlooking the bustling Gold Coast shopping. I’d have to say, this is a Valentines Day must! **hint hint** 





SepiaNear West. You walk in and you sense the immediate swag. The restaurant is lively but has a certain sex appeal that takes this dining establishment to the next level. With decor paying homage to their Printer’s Row location, Sepia offers true Chicago fine dining with a modern twist. Locally sourced, their Rabiola is divine as it melts on your tongue.




NoMIRiver North, mainly because it costs an arm and a leg to eat there. Though drinks are not included in the prix fix, definitely snag yourself one.  The ambience is stellar and the pastries alone are to die for. (Lunch Only)

Though until then… my lunches will look something like this…



The Courtyard House – India

I love courtyards. So the aptly named “Courtyard House”, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is an instant *Tibs Fav. and the subject of my weekly architecture spotlight. Hiren Patel Architects is responsible for this masterful design, that combines a variety of materials and open space to provide what instantly looks like a comfortable and homy feel.

The water, with the sand and porches immediately around it, should stand out to you immediately and define the home’s courtyard spaces. While on the exterior and interior, you’ll see a horizontal theme, driven home by the roof and blinds in front of some of the floor-to-ceiling windows. All of these characteristics are ones I love to see in homes so in my eyes, this one has it all.

Get a glimpse of the home for yourself in the slideshow (photos by Sebastian Zachariah) and follow the ‘PREVIOUSLY’ link for my last architecture spotlight.