Jamie Foxx f/ 2 Chainz “Party Ain’t A Party”

2 Chainz is featured and DJ Mustard are involved.. yet it’s not what I expected. Jamie Foxx‘s new comeback party single doesn’t have the piercing synths signature of Mustard; rather, a cool vibe that hits its stride with Foxx’s fast singing on the chorus. Chainz provides 2 verses with more ridiculous lines in both — you can probably take that for what it is. Overall verdict: pleasantly surprised it’s not the cliche sound given the talent involved (and the cover art), but it still doesn’t do enough for a *Tibs Fav. rating. Expect this one on Jamie’s upcoming album, TBD.

Various Artists “Don’t Shoot”

A la Game’s Michael Jackson tribute track (Remember that one?! Loved that one.), he recruits an incredibly big lineup of big names for a tribute to the fallen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It naturally took a lot of time for all these artists listed above in the cover art to do their thing and yet, the song still impacts at a time when a message this big and delivered by this many big artists can really speak to the people. Can’t knock that sentiment right?

It’s hard to pick my favorite raps from this one, but I will say that TGT’s singing contribution is the perfect break between each series of verses. Keep your ears peeled.

2 Chainz “Freebase”

Thank you for the disclaimer at least. 2 Chainz dedicates this one to Michael Jackson as he takes the story of the legendary “Thriller” video, puts on the red MJ jacket himself, and re-creates it. …Except that it’s 2 Chainz. Nuff said.

Important note: this allows us the opportunity to re-create the MJ Popcorn Meme…



Ice Cube f/ 2 Chainz & Redfoo “Drop Girl”

The new single for Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt album is something more fitting to its guest stars: 2 Chainz and Redfoo of LMFAO. In fact, this club/booty shaking single isn’t exactly vintage Ice Cube and I hope Cube changes course for the rest of this CD. Nonetheless, look out for this one and the new video impacting this summer.