2 Chainz announces new EP ‘Freebase’

2 Chainz with a surprise new project comin’ our way. It’s a new EP titled Freebase and will drop May 5th. Here is the reveal of the chilling cover art as well.

Will the new music be as filthy as a Max Scherzer breaking ball?


Ok, I know that was a stretch, but this post felt like it needed a RANDOM GIF SMASH! to spice it up.


2 Chainz Hit With Drug Charges

Wrapping up the 2 Good to Be T.R.U. tour with Pusha T2 Chainz gets hit with a drug charge in Los Angeles. Having already faced arrests 10 months prior, he now formally faces a felony drug charge for those events. If found guilty, Tity Boi is looking up to 3 years in prison and if convicted is set to be arraigned on Tuesday, April 8th in LA.

Reportedly at the time of his arrested, 2 Chainz was in possession of marijuana and promethazine, however it is unclear if he will be charged for codeine possession. However, from the looks of everything 2 Chainz is not only saying “F*CK THE LAW!” but wants us to save money too. What?!

According to his interview in Rolling Stone Magazine:

Last year, 2 Chainz told Rolling Stone he was getting frustrated with local cops targeting him on tour. “I’m not happy about it,” said the Atlanta MC. “I don’t want to go to jail.” Last August, 2 Chainz and 10 associates were charged with obstructing a police officer after they spent nine hours refusing to let Oklahoma City cops onto his tour bus without a warrant. (It was later reported that the police claim to have found weapons and drugs on the bus.) “It’s something that, essentially, a public defender could beat,” said the rapper. “I could actually take myself to trial for a lot of this shit. I don’t want to waste the taxpayers’ money on this. Because, guess what? I pay a fucking lot of taxes!”

And he is right (oddly). With all the other stuff he has done recently and even in the past ten months, he can be taken to trial for a whoooole lot of other stuff.  So why this specific charge? Who knows. But with the multiple brushes with LAPD who knows what could happen. I guess we can only wait and see what holds for good ol’ Tity as he enters court next week. However on a lighter note, thanks for shout out for us tax payers, good looking out!

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