Shows in the ‘GO

Assuming we all make it out of this polar vortex 2.0, February’s lookin’ stacked with live performances from some of the game’s best and Chicago’s finest. The most interesting show looks to be 2 Chainz with King Push – the biggest bill to hit Chicago since Kendrick supported Ye. But Chicago’s own Psalm One, Show, Auggie, and the WHOevers will undoubtably hold it down for the ‘Go with their high energy performances. Check the dates below.

February 7
2 Chainz, Pusha-T, and August Alsina
The Chicago Theatre @ 6:30

RL Grime, Salva, Zebo, PHNM
The Mid @ 10

February 12
Psalm One w/SHOWYOUSUCK, The Irregulars, and Special Guest: Baldhead Buddy
The Hideout @ 8

February 21
SHOWYOUSUCK, Death By Icon, The WHOevers, Legit
Chop Shop @ 8

February 22
Auggie The 9th, Supa Bwe, Animuse and a special set by LOD
Gallery 914 @ 7

Schoolboy Q reveals 2 new features for ‘Oxymoron’

The often humorous Schoolboy Q partook in a Reddit AMA this weekend — a perfect format for him to display that humor and in the process reveal a couple new features for his long-awaited debut album, Oxymoron. Raekwon & 2 Chainz are said features, and here’s the full Q&A to skim through and chuckle along the way.


Q, who would win in a fight between you and Action Bronson?


Clammy Clams got any production credits on the album?


Can I get that girls number in the Collard Greens video, you know the one with the gold hair and big tits?

i dont know Her

Can we hope to hear a collab between you and Cudi ? Other than that Hands on the wheel ofc

I TRIED He must wasnt fuckin wit me iono

How do you spend your free time?

playing call of duty smoking weed

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Kathy Griffin. Fuck one, Marry one, Kill one.GO!

i already fuck katHy, i would marry opraH and kill martHa sHe a felon

Coolest person you’ve ever smoked with?

snoop and my mom

Who wins in a fight between TDE and A$AP Mob?

us easy dem niggaHz cant figHt

Do you want your daughter to get into the rap game when she grows up?

no but i cant stop Her

What’s under that bucket hat, Q?

used to b my Hairline but dat sHit far from tHere

Sup Q, two questions 1. How many bucket hats you got? 2. Who the ugliest rapper you know?

I GOT LIKE 300 PLUS and danny brown and ab-soul witout HIs sHades

Blunts or joints?

fronto backwoods

sup Q? would you ever consider doing a collab album with anyone? any specific people come to mind?

rocky!!! me and mac wanna do a alternative album but rap keeps me tied up

Q why u so fat?


Who smokes more between you and soulo?

me He aint eating



Can we expect any more colabs with Childish Gambino?


Sup Q! Who would win in an eating contest between you, action bronson and rick ross??

not me

Q, how did you and Mac get close? Probably after he sent some extra sus vines….

we went on tour and was smoking weed den He played me HIs new sHIt and i became a fan

What song or songs have you been bumping lately?

gambino worst guys and my new song wit 2cHainz

Yo, Q! Who’s a non hip-hop artist you want to collab with at some point?

yo momma and nirvana but dat wont Happen lol

Do you ever listen to peoples’ bootleg remixes of your work?

all da time

Aye Q, is Druggys Wit Hoes 3 on the album?

nope sample smH

When are you showing us the album cover?

few days

How much better is Oxymoron than Habits and Contradictions?

alot Habits is jus good to me not classic

When will you put out the full tracklist for Oxymoron?

few days

Can you speak German?


Hey Q who killed 2pac?


Whats good Puffy

1) What sample delayed the release of Oxymoron?

2) Who’s your favourite pornstar?

i Had like 8 samples on Here, and i ratHer not say due to getting sued but i dont Have a fav porn star long as sHe tHick lol

How much fun did you have shooting the White Walls video? Any funny story?

it was funny and fun but i kissed like 3 old ladies in da moutH

Hi ScHoolBoy Q! I’ve got a couple of questions for you.

Who are your biggest influences?

*Any dream collabs?

What’s your favorite song you’ve done so far?

What happened to the song with Tyler?

my biggest influences r… biggie nas 50 jigga kendrick my fav song i done…. song on OXY CALLED blind tHreats feat raekwon song wit tyler is on my album FEB. 25TH

Is Tyler the Creator as crazy as he seems in real life?


Cap 1 “They Know” f/ 2 Chainz & Rich Homie Quan

Quite the collab for Caviar Music from Cap 1 as he links with hometown producer Young Chop and then 2 Chainz & Rich Homie Quan as features. If you like Chainz, you’ll like the beginning of this. Radio rip for now.


h/t RX


Cap 1’s mixtape trailer for Caviar Music featured an old rap session with none other than Kanye West from 1998. Some raw rhymes indeed. Plus, for once Kanye and I have the same t-shirt! Def have a Champion logo tee from back in the day too.

ICYMI: New Christmas Releases Pt. 2

Let’s be honest, there’s no artwork topping this one right now.

Snoop Dogg leads another ICYMI batch of new Christmas releases with his cover of Elvis Presley (did you even bat an eyebrow?) above. The busy holiday of new songs continues with Lupe liberating an unreleased track from the F&L sessions, the storytelling “Piru Blues” (and my favorite of this post).

Also listen to new singles from 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Elle Varner featuring Wale, and Rick Ross rounding it out with a remix of A$AP Ferg’s “Work”.

Plus, Fabolous dropped his Soul Tape 3 mixtape and LeBron dropped two of the best alley oops of the season.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!