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2Pac x OutKast collab would have happened?

This isn’t click-bait. There’s some substance to it, via this unearthed letter from ‘Pac indicating that a collab album was in the, seemingly verbal stages, with not only OutKast but also Scarface, E-40, Smiff & Wessun, and of course The Outlawz.

It’s technically unconfirmed (*the letter’s authenticity), but was seen today via the good people at DJ Booth. Plus, I have read many a works from the Tupac handwritten collection and it looks much like his writing. Besides, don’t you just want to believe 2Pac was up for working with OutKast anyway?

(LOL @ 2Pac’s 🙂 emoji.)

EDIT: Looks like Big Boi would have been open to the collab as well.

More speculation: Could the letter have surfaced at the newly opened Tupac exhibit at The Grammy Museum? Any L.A. readers out there, let us know: @gowherehiphop.


Unheard 2Pac & Jim Belushi interview

Pretty much every 2Pac interview is fascinating and this one with Gang Related co-star Jim Belushi is no different. It is different though because it’s a new, unearthed interview with Gang Related co-star Jim Belushi from August 27, 1997.

They each do their fair share of answering, but of course it’s Pac who delivers the memorable quotes and the raw, unfiltered perspective on everything from the differences between making music to acting (and who gets more ladies, ha!), fame, how jail had humbled him, and the record sales success that came from All Eyez On Me.

If time is a factor for you, at least fast forward to the last minute of the interview when ‘Pac expands on the latter subject and then concludes the interview with this chilling quote.

Nothing can touch me out here now. I been shot, go to jail, what can touch me? What actor can give you more truth than me right now? That’s how I feel.

Pac’s sense of humor is immediately on display afterward as we get the true, raw interview to its fullest and final heartwarming moment. This inspired me to do more research on 2Pac and Jim Belushi and I found this L.A. Times article/interview with Belushi later on in 1997 after ‘Pac’s passing. He was still shakin’ up and cited that they were “brothers”. You can actually feel that come across in the interview below as well.

BONUS Tupac news: The Grammy Museum in L.A. announced the opening of a Tupac Shakur exhibit on February 2nd — All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur. This looks fascinating and worth a trip out to L.A. to check out the handwritten notes, lyrics, and various memorabilia approved by Afeni Shakur to be on display. More details/news here.

“Tupac Shakur was one of the most original and important of all hip hop artists. His writings are both powerful and provocative,” Grammy Museum Executive Director Robert Santelli said in a statement. “It is an honor to be the first music museum to acknowledge Tupac’s legacy and to bring context to what was an incredible career.”

Tupac biopic details revealed

The Tupac biopic, previously reported in various stages over 2014 hit a breakthrough early this week as more details became revealed.

One of the film’s producers, Randall Emmett (Lone Survivor), confirmed in a new interview that Afeni Shakur is now on board with the project and as a result, 2Pac’s music will be included in the film. This gives the film that true authenticity and is really the first ingredient that a good Tupac biopic should have. Afeni was in a legal dispute over the rights to Tupac’s story, but now that all seems squashed as the movie moves ahead to its newly announced June start date.

Video with more of the interview with Emmett below:

Unreleased 2Pac poems at age 17

Start off your Old School Sunday with a dose of inspiration courtesy of a 17-year old Tupac Shakur.

Not too long ago, Noisey released a trio of unreleased poems written by a young ‘Pac that didn’t see the light of day until now, via Tupac’s first manager Leila Steinberg of Citizens of Humanity.

It’s simply amazing to read the depth of Tupac’s thoughts on topics like love at such a young age. It’s depth like this that cement Pac as one of my favorite and most fascinating artists to read and listen to years since his passing and for years going forward. Without further ado… check ’em all out (with my favorite of the 3 on top.)