Blake Griffin: 2Pac Fan

A quick funny video to break up your day as this weekend revealed that Blake Griffin is definitely a 2Pac fan. Here he is in a fourth quarter timeout, singing the chorus to “California Love” as Sasha Vujacic sits next to him debating whether or not to join in. He’s a new Clippers teammate, still feeling his way out. Ha! Enjoy.

2Pac-inspired musical coming to Broadway

2Pac on Broadway?! Yes, indeed.

Come June 19th, a new musical titled ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me” will debut and, to debunk your first thought, it won’t be a biopic of the fallen rap legend. Instead, it will be an original story about “friendship, family, revenge, change and hope” for inner-city families going through life.  2Pac’s “Me Against the World,” “California Love” and “Keep Ya Head Up” are some of the confirmed, and appropriate songs chosen for the play’s background.

So to all the fellas out there who are wifed up, here is a pain-free way to earn brownie points with the lady. Say you’ll take her to a play, and act pleasantly surprised when it’s basically about 2Pac.

h/t NYT

2Pac, the Jedi Knight?

A fun tidbit to think about today: 2Pac could have been cast as Mace Windu in Star Wars: Episode I. Says former collaborator and chief engineer of Death Row Records, Rick Clifford, in a new interview with

[Tupac] was telling me that he was supposed to read for George Lucas and [Lucasfilm]. They wanted him to be a Jedi.

No official comment from LucasFilms, but c’mon, this one’s fun to believe it’s true. And yes, that’s Hologram Tupac photoshopped as a projection from R2D2 (h/t CoS).