Mickey Factz ‘740 Park Ave’

I knew Monday would be a good day in music because Mickey Factz promises and delivers his new mixtape, 740 Park Ave. Mick is brilliant with adding layers of concepts into one fluid project and given the premise of 740 Park Ave., I already knew this would only add to his list. Just listen to the intro to get a chilling setup on the commentary to ensue.

Within the first 5 tracks, you’ll hear the previews “Detroit Red” and “Iont Care” and in between: “7.13.82 – 2.29.14” & “Cafune” — both of which I like a lot on the tier of “Detroit Red”. Another great sign as the rest of the tape smoothly proceeds with “Smoke Screen” as Mick describes the behind the scenes misses that derailed his momentum since 2008 (including a John Legend single held back). It’s further continued even more masterfully in “.14” at the end of the tape — a stretch laced with more standouts like “13th Disciple” (sampling The Weeknd), and a MauSe appearance (!) on “Because of U”. Very personal lyrics, great storytelling, superb guest spots, and a less high-octane sound than you may expect from Mick.

I’m chillin’ and workin’ to this as my playlist all day and definitely beyond — a perfect way to start off your Monday and a project that may take all week to digest its substance. (And then just wait til MauSe returns in full this December… again, “Because of U” is the tease…)

00 - Mickey_Factz_740_Park_Ave-back-large
(The architect in me loves this back cover concept.)

Mickey Factz “Iont Care”

Mickey Factz‘ return to hip hop is coming soon in complete form with 740 Park Avenue (click the link for the breakdown of the title) and “Iont Care” is the second preview of what Mick’s been up to. As you can sense from the song title, it’s a perfect song for your bravado or even on the flip side when you’re feelin’ stress of some kind. The simple and catchy hook is enhanced by the bouncy production by PD. To me, Mick’s always on point with his verses so I kept a close ear there too. Looking forward to hearing how it fits into the context of 740 Park Avenue — soon enough come July 13th.

Oh! And one more ill preview of some new bars.


ICYMI: Mickey Factz “Detroit Red”

Mickey Factz new project ‘740 Park Avenue’

In December, I made a very tough decision based on emotion and anger. So many feelings about the industry, how I’m viewed, why things are the way they are for me, etc etc. I quit. I gave up. I basically said I can’t do this. Being that I don’t pretty much know how to do anything else and after talks with so many people, I decided to continue to make music. Art. Culture. My first offering is this month. I don’t have a date yet but it will be completed this month. Its titled 740 Park Avenue. The richest establishment for living in America. The mantra to this project will be relayed soon. I just want to say thank you to all my supporters and achievers. Also, big shout outs to @celtic_fan34 for the artwork. He is a supporter and asked to work on this project specifically. Working with people with dreams is humbling and rewarding. Love.

Via Mickey’s Instagram, the inspiration is back again! Not only is the announcement of the project exciting, especially given the concept behind 740 Park Avenue, but it’s also raw and personal to see a struggle I’ve witnessed in artists over the years. That is the desire to make art versus the frustrations, politics, the game you have to play to succeed in the business. It’s more valid than you think and it takes a lot to persevere through it. Here’s to Mick’s next project sometime this May!