Towkio “Hotchips N Chopstix” EP

Savemoney rapper, Towkio unleashes his “Hotchips N Chopstix” EP. The four track project is definitely something for you to digest, an appetizer if you will, that will satisfy your needs as Towkio prepares to release his main course, his upcoming project Wave Theory. Bon Appétit!

Underground Wonder Bar – “Follow The Fox” 03.29.14

Hyped from the start, Underground Wonder Bar’sFollow The Fox” was one of many anticipated events going down Saturday night. Needless to say, shit definitely did not disappoint.

Featuring four of Chicago’s most talked about artists – Brian Fresco, Mojek, A Billion Young, and Dally Auston, the whole city came out to show love. Chance The Rapper, making a brief pit stop in his hometown, came through early on the night showing love and hyping the crowd. Even with a tight schedule, Chance’s appearance was a great early reminder that not only are Chicago artists leading the music industry but talent in the Windy city is growing bigger, better, and faster than any other city.

Starting the night off was Mojek or Young Africa, another Chicago-based producer who hit his set hard with a mixture of smooth house tracks and remixed club tunes. Without a doubt, it was clear why he was leading the night. Throwing down crisp tracks while seamlessly upping the energy of the crowd and performers, dude had everyone vibing. Setting the mood for the night, Mojek does a great job transitioning for Brian Fresco and A Billion Young’s set, one of the many highlights of the night.

Brian Fresco was one of the many talked about names of the hour. And for good reason. His energy and his ability to command the crowd were so on point. By the beginning, middle, and end of his performance he had every person in every corner bumping and dusting the sweat off their foreheads. A Billion Young also threw down with Brian Fresco, hitting beat after beat while still showcasing their individual sound. Having already wrote about A Billion Young earlier this week, these guys are even more impressive live. With a special eye for detail and a real passion for their craft, these guys are definitely ones to watch.

Despite the high-note that these guys left, Dally Auston ended the night and came through with the same energy. Showing us why previous laidback tracks like “WSGT$” and “Hol’ Up” is just another layer of his work, Dally Auston gave the crowd another look at this creative process. Throwing down even more dope hooks, fresher verses, and lyrical emphasis, I am excited to see all that Dally Auston is bringing to the table.

All in all, great job last night! With a fusion of different music, fashion, and art lovers all in one room and supporting the music community, the love and energy was definitely a great reminder why other cities really don’t got shit on us. In other words, Chicago artists have and always will be the ones to put the industry on. Period.



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A Billion Young ‘RandomWork’ EP

With a music video and an EP drop, RandomWork, released early this year, A Billion Young are producing tracks any Chicago music head can appreciate. Combining melo beats, choppy vocals, and array of jazz and juke influences, these guys are waking up even the toughest of critics. With notable talent and quality taste, the duo is putting freshness back into the scene raided with heavy breathing mogs over eBay microphones, iTune Playlist DJs, and overly recycled A$AP Mob beats. Something I’m sure all of us can appreciate.

While all six tracks on their RandomWork EP displayed their signature crisp sound, my favorite off the list was “Shonuff” featuring Tokyo Shawn and “Louie“. Something about the girl’s vocals in “Shonuff” made me feel like Spring was approaching and well, like Chicago was done dicking around with all this damn snow.

Two tracks not featured are “Swisher Sweet” and “Lean” which became my personal favorite during my stay in Mexico. Nothing more fitting than bumping these tracks while I downed 40’s with my girls and burned under the sun, essentially becoming the Red Octobers. For more information and music updates from A Billion Young, check out their Twitter and Facebook page.





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