Ab-Soul f/ The O’Mys “These Days”

This post is packed with Ab-Soul goodies as his debut album These Days is just, well, days away. June 24th to be exact. And the next release is the title track – a quick two minute record that doubles as the biggest look for talented Chicago collective The O’My’s! Great to see them getting their pub on a track they deliver on as well. In fact it feels like it’s their track featuring Ab-Soul, who spits one verse on the quick tune.

I’m lukewarm on what Ab did on this track, he borrows the Migos flow (which is kinda played out now), but discounts before rapping that this is the only time he’s using the flow and he does it well. Overall, it’s a *Tibs Fav. that honestly raises my enthusiasm to check out the album when it drops in full soon.

But that’s not all! The newly revealed tracklist and features pique the intrigue just as much. For one, Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean on the same track again! (Something we should get used to, in fact.) Then, other big-name features like Rick Ross, his TDE mates, Action Bronson, and production by J. Cole and Purity Ring (random!). Oh, and don’t fret… Kendrick Lamar has his own interlude. Peruse the tracklisting for more below:


Ab-Soul f/ Schoolboy Q “Hunnid Stax”

The new preview off These Days finds Ab-Soul with TDE running mate Schoolboy Q on “Hunnid Stax”. This one has an explicit focus on the ladies and the cash flow as a fast-spitting Ab-Soul is in contrast to a lazy flow from Schoolboy. I wasn’t vibing with this one too much honestly, both sonically and subject-wise but I can see the longtime TDE fans appreciating “Hunnid Stax” more than I. Listen below; These Days out June 24th.

Ab-Soul “Stigmata”

A new video for “Stigmata” and Ab-Soul also releases the date of his upcoming album ‘These Days’ – June 24th. Get in tune with his latest, provocative visual above.

Ab-Soul “Tree Of Life”

NEW Ab-Soul impacting your Friday night. “Tree of Life” is hopefully the next preview of his oft-anticipated debut album. The beat bangs (courtesy of Curtiss King) and Ab-Soul appropriately laces it with high-energy and confidence that are both infectious. It’s not Ab’Dash’s most lyrical, but it’s not meant to be either. The track’s most humorous highlight comes towards the end when Ab-Soul flips a familiar nursery rhyme chant, that I can’t spoil. Overall, I rocks with it so press play below.

*Tibs Fav.

#gowheredoesSXSW Recap

Every year SXSW gets bigger and bigger, but did this year get too big and crazy? There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I hope that made sense.

As expected, there was music everywhere. People lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse a celebrity or catch a free show.  Everything from Lady Gaga showing up at the Doritos Stage, Ludacris at the Dickies, Rick Ross bringing Erykah Badu to help him close down the Fader Fort Saturday night, SXSW was very sure to please.

Video by Lerin Lockwood

And of course… there were the parties. Nothing like coming up to the Illmore to see Steve Aoki and capping the evening off with G-Eazy.  The parties went on till 6 in the morning, even when the liquor ran out closer to three.  Moving from the previous year’s mansions, this year was at a youth center. It was a little bit of a throwback vibe. I almost felt like I was at my high school’s homecoming. The line up was still sick though and of course, Steve Aoki caked some concert goers.

Isaiah Rashad Thursday night at the SoundCloud House.
Isaiah Rashad Thursday night at the SoundCloud House.

Some of the hottest house parties were Soundcloud who introduced the public to some great hip-hop acts that will really make some big waves this year.  Soundcloud hosted a laid back but really solid set Thursday night with Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, Chuck Inglish, and the perfect ending with Schoolboy Q. During the daytime, the Spotify House was solid. Filled with interactive demo walls of their upgrades to Spotify, trivia games, free food and drinks, and brand new sounds from up and coming artist Vancejoy.  I love coming back from Austin with a filled playlist that I will be sharing later this week.

Schoolboy Q performs “Man of the Year”

Live at the Fader Fort (Video via Fader Fort)

Always a go to spot, with the 3 block line to prove it, the Fader Fort opened and closed hard bringing in unthinkable lines everyday. From old school smash hits like Jeremih’s Birthday Sex and Jojo’s Leave Get Out, to new songs by Chromeo, Vic Mensa, and lastly Rick Ross shutting down the fort, Fader has become an institution and definitely a festival within itself. //instagram.com/p/ljKjD5CnwF/embed/ Then there was’s Ludacris’s Friday night show.  He came out so hard the soundstage basically imploded forcing a 10 minutes intermission at Dickies. He made sure to come even harder, playing throwbacks like Stand Up and Whats your Fantasy, I think this my favorite show. Thanks BMFMedia for hosting.

photo credit: Childish Gambino IG
photo credit: Childish Gambino IG

Childish Gambino seemed to have OWNED SXSW.  Everyday he had something. From his appearance at the MTVU Woodies, his Hackathon, and his Saturday night free show in Butler Park, Gambino owned it all.  I didn’t get to check out all of his shows (I know, I’m kind of bummed), but I will be seeing him in concert on Wednesday in Chicago. Though Wednesday night’s tragedy had a looming presence on Thursday’s shows and with Tyler the Creator inciting a riot and later being arrested at the airport proves how out of hand anything goes at SXSW. Would I do it all over again? Yes, absolutely, because seriously I wouldn’t know where else I could experience anything like this. Every year is a wild card. As always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.

Srirachana at the Fader Fort
Srirachana at the Fader Fort

Lupe Fiasco f/ Ab-Soul “Thorns & Horns”

Hot off the press! More new Lupe tonight. This one featuring Ab-Soul with an ill beat by Floss & Fame.

Flat out, “Thorns & Horns” is an album-quality jam (hopefully it’ll make Tetsuo & Youth) and what feels like a true collab as the two trade verses and Ab-Soul even cutting in with Lu towards the end. It is at the end where I thought the song jumped to another level as Lupe’s slick third verse proved to be my favorite. This one’s easily ending up in the rotation and is in the frontrunner for my favorite song of the four that Lu has dropped in the last week. (See: below)


*Tibs Fav.


Lupe Fiasco “$nitches” f/ Ty Dolla $ign

Lupe Fiasco “30’s ($nitches 2)”

Lupe Fiasco “#DopeboysAtAllStarWeekend (30’s Prequel)” f/ Gizzle

Common “Made In Black America” f/ Ab-Soul (More Chicago x Ab-Soul)