Ghostface vs. Action Bronson

A feud between two of New York’s most well-known rappers appears to be brewing.

It all began with Action Bronson’s appearance on SportsNation where he said that Ghostface isn’t making music like his anymore after appreciating the comparison to Ghostface.

Then Ghostface put out a 6 minute video this morning airing out Action Bronson, seen below.

It looks like things will be deaded though, given Action Bronson’s newest tweet saying he was wrong for the SportsNation comments.

UPDATE: Ghostface’s response to Bronson’s apology: “No, shit,”

Fall Out Boy “Uma Thurman”

It’s not everyday you see Fall Out Boy atop these pages, but their video for “Uma Thurman” today is definitely a great watch for this fun Friday.

That’s because the concept is fun as hell. They gave a fan the chance to be their assistant for 24 hours and, well, they went crazy with it. Crazy meaning paintball, off-roading, walking a zebra, and even bringing over chicks to Patrick Stump (literally though). Amidst the full “day” of events, the assistant is of course backstage at a Fall Out Boy show and runs into Big Sean and Action Bronson. Hah! There’s your hip hop crossover on an otherwise fun video… with a great message at the end (see: below.)

when people ask us what life is on the road or backstage- i always think of how they picture it in their head. that was the intent of the uma video to deliver fly on the wall look into our life backstage and at home only on steroids. not only did we want to show what it was like, we wanted to bring someone into our world so they could experience it too.

fall out boy has always been based on inclusion. if you dont fit in anywhere else you can fit in here.

Ps – we hope you can support the very special message at the end of the video.

Said message at the end of the video is summed up in this tweet. Props to Fall Out Boy for including this in the vein of their fun video — their support for same sex marriage.


Charles Hamilton & Rita Ora on Seth Meyers

Charles Hamilton & Rita Ora are officially everywhere with their nice new single “New York Raining”. Here they are up above with a performance of the song on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I’m realizing that I actually really like Rita Ora on hooks after this one.

Speaking of her, here’s some bonus video of Ora and Action Bronson… with Rosenberg trying to play matchmaker?

Action Bronson f/ Chance “Baby Blue”

As expected today, Action Bronson and Chance The Rapper drop their visual for “Baby Blue” and it matches the humor and light heartedness of the record, especially with Action lip synching Chance’s hook and Chance’s overall verse being acted out to the tee. Normally I’m lukewarm on Action and Chance but with them together here and the song’s concept, I think it really works.

Mr. Wonderful out today! (Listen)

ICYMI: Action & Chance perform “Baby Blue” @ SXSW

Action Bronson ‘Mr. Wonderful’ (Album Stream)

Action Bronson’s debut studio album, Mr. Wonderful, hits iTunes and Spotify today, so for your convenience, you can listen on in below. Will you (or I, I guess) find another gem like “Baby Blue”?

Features from Chance the Rapper and Meyhem Lauren with production by Noah “40” Shebib, 88-Keys, Party Supplies, The Alchemist, Statik Selektah, Mark Ronson, and Oh No.