Air Jordan 4 OVO Sample

The Jordan x OVO samples keep coming and the latest to leak to the interwebs is the version of the 4s. I agree with a comment I saw that said if the grey was black, this would look better. That said, I do enjoy all these black/gold colorways of classic Jordan retros. I wonder what’s next… and moreso if we’ll ever get a chance to buy ’em.

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Drake OVO Air Jordan 6 Black/Gold

It looks like Drake‘s not stopping with the OVO Jordans. First his 12s and 10s, now the 6s as these images were released today of both the rendering and the physical. The sharp black/gold colorway should go as no surprise given the color scheme of the OVO Brand. I dig the owl’s appearance as well… can’t go wrong here at all.

I should emphasize: awaiting confirmation from Drake/OVO/Jordan on if the “Drake OVO Air Jordan 6 Black/Gold” is in fact real/hopefully on sale at some point.

But this on top of tonight’s double track “0 to 100 / Catch Up”.



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Air Jordan XI Legend Blue

A quick and pleasant bit of sneaker news today as the Air Jordan XI is once again getting retroed. This time, a play off the “Columbias”, which Jordan is donning the “Legend Blue”. This was the shoe that MJ wore in his first All-Star Game post-1st retirement in San Antonio, 1996.


The shoe will likely see release in December (aligned with previous Air Jordan XI releases) so save up your money and start camping out for Christmas folks. We’ll update with official word/images, but for now peruse above and below (and don’t start camping out, it’s May.)






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Air Jordan XX9 revealed

*cues “Today Was A Good Day”*

Today was the big Air Jordan XX9 reveal as Michael Jordan and legendary Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield presented two colorways of the 29th version of the signature shoe. You have your classic Bulls black/red combo and a black/team orange combo prime for Jordan signature athletes Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook.

MJ & Tinker revealed a lot of juicy tidbits about the design process in today’s press conference. For starters, the XX9 is the first shoe in the world to have a “performance-woven upper”. Hatfield says,

This year, our inspiration and challenge to ourselves was to create the best performance basketball shoe ever—and I think the XX9 and the performance-woven upper pay that off.

The AJ XX9 performance-woven upper.
The AJ XX9 performance-woven upper.

The sock-like fit was initially inspired by an everyday airbag. Hatfield continued with the design on a 3D shell to experiment with the different materials, which is different than his usual process of starting the design on an iPad! An iPad, yup. The design process took a total of 2 years, including a personal visit to MJ’s house from Hatfield along the way. Perhaps capitalizing on the plaid trend, Hatfield originally wanted a plaid upper with numerical significance seen below.

A design of the originally intended plaid upper, with 23, 45, and 6 guiding the pattern.
A design of the originally intended plaid upper, with 23, 45, and 6 guiding the pattern.

I am not about the plaid trend myself, so I am glad to see the pattern is signature Jordan elephant print instead. But I am about numerology and to see the attempted incorporation of 23, 45, and 6 (three numbers no Jordan fan needs an explanation about) is inspiring.

As you can scroll through in the gallery, you can get a sense of the two different colorways. My personal opinion is that first, the black/red version jumped out to me as a copy/paste of signature Jordan elements (the elephant print, patent leather) but upon closer examination, I like the fusion of the two chief features. I think I’m just used to seeing both the print and the leather on their own, which I’ve always absolutely loved.

As I warmed to the black/red colorway, I still have yet to do the same on the black/team orange. I appreciate that the accentuated Jumpman logo stands the two colorways apart, but it doesn’t quite do it for me aesthetically (even if I were to imagine it in classic black/red).

Hatfield delivered one last bold statement on the XX9 design:

The Jordan XI was my favorite design. It was always one of our biggest leaps forward. The XX9 is in that league since the XI. It’s my opinion.

In the league of the XI? I need to see the XX9 Black/Red in person before I commit to agreeing. I, along with all of us, will get that chance sometime this September at the rumored price of $225.

What do you think of the XX9?


The time MJ wore Pennys

I’m feeling a lil’ MJ flashback on this edition of Old School Sundays as this story passed onto me yesterday by the Jack Silverstein (writer for Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) was too good not to post.

Remember that time that MJ wore Pennys? Yeah, it happened. Photographic evidence above. And the full story that will calm the senses of die hard Jordan fans below:

The Nike Air Flight One was Penny Hardaway’s first unofficial signature shoe. The shoe’s features were great, it had a super lightweight sole and also sported the iconic “1″ on the heeltab. His “Airness” himself, Michael Jordan, actually wore these in a game after his first retirement. Supposedly he wore these because the league’s restrictions held him back from unveiling the Air Jordan XI. The entire Bulls team at the time was wearing black shoes but the “Concords” were black/white. MJ cut the #1 off the heeltab which is kind of ironic because the Bulls lost to the Magic in the playoffs that year.

(via Forever Sneakz)

Heh! Still. Really weird to see Jordan in something other than Jordans. To a lesser extent, really weird to see the NBA on TBS logo.

Anyway, I’m not letting this post get away with a couple more MJ links Jack sent me — his interactive articles on the RedEye commemorating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday last year — The evolution of Michael Jordan’s commercial character (a nice compliment to my piece of all of the Jordan commercials in one video) and my favorite one: Michael Jordan’s 10 underappreciated achievements. Even for me, a huge Jordan fan, I learned some things from that article that properly puts into perspective just how amazing Michael Jordan was in his illustrious career. Oh, and “5:30 Simpsons 6: Seinfeld 6:30 Jordan” was definitely the routine. All must-reads, and those videos will keep you busy today. Enjoy!

Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995
Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995