Sunny D. Light “Ride”

Washington MC, Sunny D. Light drops by with his first release of the new year entitled, “Ride.” Just one of five upcoming joints Sunny plans on releasing before he debuts his next project, ‘Vanilla Skies In dREamALITY’. As the artwork insists, this is that kind of track you want to bust out before you light one up and take that “Ride.”

Cover work done by yours truly. @DesignedByAnt

Mpulse f/ Rockboy K9 “Die Regardless”

A few weeks ago my homie Mpulse came to me about doing artwork for one of his upcoming releases. Since I’ve been rockin with Mp for a while, the decision to do so was a no brainer. Fast forward a couple hundred plays to today and what I have for y’all is a killer cover with a bit of insight on what Mpulse’s “Die Regardless” record is all about. You gotta try your hardest and live life to the fullest. Do what you love, follow your dreams, and stay positive. Tomorrow isn’t promised so we might as well make the most of the time we’ve been granted today.

Hope you enjoy a fun and positive one from two of Chicago’s most talented. #Loaf

Artwork by @AntWithGowhere

Nobility “King”

Aside from the fact that Nobility can flow on both the mic and the boards, I’m really fascinated with the purity I hear in his sound. Not really an easy thing for me to explain in a way that you’d get me. I just know that there’s only a handful of combo talents rising out the midwest that I see real potential in. Nobility just so happened to get added to the list.

Here’s a new single from Nobility which I was given the honor of creating the cover art for. #KING

Chris LeSage “$HARKS” (prod. Nobility)

I’m all hip hop, everyone knows that. Like if I had to listen to the hip hop genre only for the rest of my life, I’d be perfectly okay with that. It’s not that I don’t like any other genre’s of music, because I do. It’s just my love for what the hip hop genre is and is all about. It’s me. It’s who I am. And who I been. It’s who I’ll always be.

Still…I make sure to get my fair share of other sounds, vibes, and music styles. One talent who’s recently been able to get my attention off Hip Hop and on to something a little more soulful is ILLCENTRAL member Chris LeSage. A voice who in my opinion is one of the three best up and coming male singers in the city of Chicago. Actually I think the last male singer to have my interest as much as Chris does now was actually Frank Ocean around the time of Nostalgia, Ultra. Seriously, this kid has that kind of potential. Just give Chris some time…you’ll see.

Now if you will lend us your ear. Here’s Chris LeSage’s newest release and a record which I personally had the honor of creating the artwork for. Please enjoy. #SHARKS

For Mobile Users:$HARKS%20(prod.%20Nobility).mp3&dur=250.6&bg=F9F9F9&border=CCCCCC&color1=00A5DF


#GWHHPremiere: Howie Stackz x Jofred Estilo “Ask Coach K”

You over today’s hump yet? If not, don’t trip we got you covered. Now let your worries wonder off for a second and tune yourself to this next installment of our #GowhereYouLove series. A series in which we’ll be working side by side with rappers, singers, producers, and others to share with you the talents we feel the world should know about. Next up the #ILLCENTRAL crew. Compiled of talents from the likes of Stadium Status and Chinza Fly (among others), ILLCENTRAL looks to dominate the game and show you why they should be a household name.Β 

First up to bat is Howie Stackz (of Stadium Status) and Jofred Estilo (of Chinza Fly) who combine their talents over a remake of beat by SAM Gohard. On this Gowhere You Love release we catch the two MC’s tribute Gucci Mane’s infamous twitter rant, hence the “Ask Coach K” title and artwork (created by your’s truly). Both Howie and Jofred deliver hard bars over an equaly as hard instrumental. If this doesn’t wake you up to the #ILLCENTRAL movement I don’t know what will. But it will!

These ILLCENTRAL cats are the real deal. Take it from me, I’ve had the pleasure of playing the witness role over these past few months. These are some real rappers g, and soon you’ll learn. Now pay up.