Drake “Energy” (Music Video)

UPDATE: A month-plus later, “Energy” is up on VEVO for all you non-Apple Music subscribers.


07.10.15: If you’ve followed Drake on the ‘gram you know that today was that “Energy” video drop date, only on Apple Music.

Accompanying the video though, Drake chopped it up with Zane Lowe (UPDATE: Rip of the interview below.) and announced the OVO Sound Radio Show, which will definitely play exclusives from time to time…

Tonight at 3PM PST / 6PM EST

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Like the first listen of Majid Jordan’s new single “My Love” featuring Drake. Looking for a stream so stay tuned for an update. In the meantime… update that iOS!


Tomorrow. @applemusic

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@majidjordan @champagnepapi on iTunes now.

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Dr. Dre talks Compton album with Zane Lowe

It’s Dre Day! UPDATE: Stream the whole album here!

And to further get us all hyped for the first stream of Compton tonight, Dr. Dre called into the man who will press play on it: Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

Via Complex Music, here are some tidbits. Per usual with Apple Music, they’ll make the full audio interview available shortly so keep it locked for an update.

The coolest bit of news to come out of it: Dre will donate the royalties from the album towards building a new performance arts center in Compton. Nice.

Again, the album will stream on Apple Music tonight at 6 PM PST and available by midnight!

Pharrell “Freedom”

UPDATE: “Freedom” hits VEVO/YouTube today. Soooo freedom to watch it for everyone! (hehe, had to.)

In all honesty though, if you haven’t checked out this song/visual yet, def press play. Great intentions above!


06.30.15: Apple Music has launched and, as expected, Pharrell accompanied it with a new, potential hit single.

“Freedom” has some substance to it, especially when you peep the powerful visuals to it on Apple Music today. I love the piano melody throughout and so video aside, I’ll be adding this to ‘My Music’.

Listen below, and peep the live debut of “Freedom” in Glastonbury from this past weekend.


Eminem “Phenomenal”

On the heels of his collab with Gwen Stefani earlier tonight, and the launch of Apple Music a couple days ago, Eminem drops his new visual for “Phenomenal” — a cinematic, 7 minute action thriller exclusive to the new streaming service.

No embed here, but update that iOS to watch it and it’s well worth it. If you don’t take the superhero moves too seriously, you’ll appreciate the fun action scenes that are crisply shot and enhanced by some special effects that are cool, but you should also not take too seriously.

Eminem is a badass though through an unknown Asian cityscape (also a badass setting). There’s a comedic break in the middle as Eminem miraculously lands in the car of actor Randall Park, whom he perhaps got to know in his cameo in The Interview. To top things off, we get a Dr. Dre cameo as the fantasy action thriller comes to a fitting close. I enjoyed it, and like I have written all month, “Phenomenal” has really grown on me as my go-to motivational jam right now. Watch and gain a new appreciation for it too.


First Impressions with Apple Music

As you probably know by now, yesterday was launch day for Apple Music — Apple’s new music streaming service that promises to compete with Spotify, Tidal, and the like. This move intrigues me even more than Tidal did because millionaire artists aren’t talking about fair/unfair royalties I’m a user of iTunes since the beginning. I’m ready for the next evolution of Apple’s music and so far… first impressions are good.

The thing that immediately attracted me to the service was its design. I think they struck an overall great balance of not cluttering home screens with a bevy of options, but also hitting us with the feature new songs or albums for instance. This comes from an Apple loyalist, but that has always started with the design. No exception here.

For me, I loved having My Music already synched up and though I have to figure out how to add more with my iCloud storage too, it’ll be a great backup if I’m traveling and unable to pick up Wi-Fi. I ran into that issue yesterday. It still worked while I was walking around but once I changed back and forth to My Music, I lost the ability to stream.

As far as detractors, there wasn’t anything that I won’t be able to figure out more or get used to in general. I keep running into trouble adding songs to ‘My Music’ with the same iCloud prompt saying I need to turn the settings on (I had done it already.) There was a section highlighting independent artists and I hope that continues to be seen prominently throughout some of the Apple Music curated channels. Mix ’em in more! The hip hop channel was current (Jidenna’s Kendrick Lamar remix came up both times I flipped it on) but it was all mainstream artists. One more: Connect takes a little bit to get used to beyond following artists. The curve to getting used to it though shouldn’t be too steep.

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure your Auto-Renew option is off. You had to enter your credit card info before launching Apple Music and choose a plan ($9.99 individual, $14.99 family). Simply hit the button in the top left, pull up your account/preferences (where you can add an image) and you’ll find the option to do so. This will walk you through it. I set it the auto-renew off so I wouldn’t forget, but after an overall great first day, I think I’ll be sliding back that option to the green. What did you think of Apple Music? @gowherehiphop

Eminem “Phenomenal” (Teaser)

Count Eminem as one of the early superstar adopters of Apple Music as he debuted the trailer through the new streaming service on launch day.

Man, how “Phenomenal” has grown on me. I’ve narrowed down that the end of the first verse and beginning of the second verse are my favorite moments of Eminem’s verses overall.

Now he’s got the makings of an amazing, motivational video on deck, shot somewhere in Asia and truly doubling as an action film as Apple Music tweeted earlier today. I’m psyched for the trailer and already downloaded Apple Music so I’ll await the video soon.

Also tune into Zane Lowe on Apple Music tomorrow (I listened today, in fact… more on that here…) as Marshall will be Zane’s first guest on his new streaming radio show through the service.

ICYMI: The Southpaw Soundtrack