araabMUZIK “Day Dreams”

Glorious news today as one of our favorite producers araabMUZIK has announced his new album, Dream World, for a June 16th release and accompanies the news with the tracklist, and OH, the first preview/music video — “Day Dreams” up above.

The video features some trippy, neon lit visuals and amazing timelapses throughout — the fitting vibe to the song which is bolstered by some female vocal samples and with each new layer starting at the 30 second mark, “Day Dreams” pops even more. Flat out, this one is a must-play/stream for your Monday afternoon work day dreams or, of course, ridin’ with the windows down.

*Tibs Fav.

Here is the said Dream World tracklist and GIF album art too. Lookin’ forward to this summer even more now. And no doubt, this inspired me to run back his last official LP, 2011’s Electronic Dream this afternoon.

01 Dream World
02 New Teckk
03 Breathe
04 Miss You
05 My Life
06 Day Dreams
07 Interpreting
08 People
09 Heavy Hitter
10 Final Hour [ft. Kelela]
11 Time After Time
12 Lucid


araabMUZIK ‘Holy Ship: Europe’

This doesn’t get old.

araab doin’ his thing… he’s overseas in Europe now and above is some up close video of him goin’ ham on the MPC. I can’t st- I can’t st- I can’t st- I can’t st- I can’t st- I can’t st- …x 100.

Reminds me of our own classic vid of araabMUZIK when he was in Chicago.

Key! “Give Em Hell (Jahlil Beats x araabMUZIK Remix)”

Jahlil Beats & araabMUZIK connect for a new remix and the results are as expected.

Really diggin’ the production on this new flip of Key!’s “Give Em Hell”. I couldn’t get into the vocals though, but if they connect with you then you’ll like this one even more than me. Look for Jahlil’s upcoming Planet 7 coming soon.

araabMUZIK “808V”

Do work, araab.

Here goes the DJ/producer with a music video simply showcasing his spaz skills at a live show. The backdrop is the addicting and hectic “808V” — one of the many *Tibs Fav. standouts I took note of on the newly released For Professional Use Only 2.

Reminiscent of our own camera work on araab live last year!

Trey Songz “Na Na (araabMUZIK Remix)”

Give your weekend party playlist a lil edge with this cool new flip of Trey Songz’ club single “Na Na” by none other than araabMUZIK. He slows it down and adds a smooth electronic melody that’s catchy on first listen. If you’re vibing, be sure to pick up araab’s new For Professional Use Only 2 album that dropped this week. I listened to it already once all the way through and it’s up to par with his previous projects — effortless flows between sounds and at least a handful of individual tracks that’ll make the rotation.

*Tibs Fav.

Song since removed.