Simpsons intro animated in pixel art

A viral video this week that caught my eye as a big fan of both The Simpsons and Pixel Art is this fresh, animated re-creation of the show’s iconic intro.

Every detail is done to the tee and then the animators started showing off with the couch gag. Great stuff.

NBA Trading Card Art

My Sunday night Twitter browsing led me to a fantastic must-follow for any NBA (and Design) fans:

The tumblr highlights, in a nod to 1990 NBA Hoops Trading Cards, wait for it… every player in the league!

I catch wind of this tumblr at an ideal time as this ambitious project began 5 months ago with Quincy Acy and has progressed through the letter ‘C’ in alphabetical order since. This means if you click ‘Follow’ now we’ll likely get updates through the summer and beyond of the rest of the league. And in the meantime there are plenty of favorites between A-C to browse through. I picked out my personal ones in the gallery above.

Footnotes to the gallery: 1. The Andrea Bargnani pose comes from one of his most memorable blunders in his first season as a New York Knick, as documented in this spectacular video. 2. While the vast majority of players have some action pose of a basketball move, Carlos Boozer’s is just an action pose, and a quite poetic one at that.

Ray Fiasco “100 Covers For Kanye” [Art]


London creative Ray Fiasco unveils his project ‘100 Covers For Kanye’ which was primarily inspired by YEEZUS, but also the project was started in an attempt to highlight the importance of album artwork. More of Ray Fiasco’s work can be viewed over at which is the official website Asylum 33 a creative agency Ray is a part of. Look out for more music and fashion photography from Ray Fiasco in the future. Head over to to view the project in full.

Ray Fiasco twitter – @RayFiasco

Making of Parade Day Rain: Hebru Brantley

Just a short couple of weeks ago, Hebru Brantley helped usher in another exciting summer of new Chicago art with his latest exhibition opening at the Chicago Cultural Center. Parade Day Rain features a bevy of paintings and sculptures from the superstar artist who has been commissioned by everyone from LeBron James to Jay Z & Beyonce to Nicki Minaj.

Our friend and superstar videographer himself, Cam Be, has been working closely with Hebru during his creative process for the exhibition and Hebru’s recent show overseas in London. This new Camovement above documents said creative process and the work — not only in final product form, but in partially completed form too. It’s the only look at those stages of Hebru crafting his art. Plus, we even get a couple cuts that show some other forms of inspiration in Hebru’s studio like an old Michael Jordan Wheaties box (fitting). One full look at the gallery at the end is a great teaser to go see the exhibit in person — again, at the Chicago Cultural Center, running all summer through September 23rd. Props to Cam on the video again as well — the 360 around the Flyboy sculpture is a phenomenal way to lead us in… I had to watch this twice.

@HebruBrantley | Video is a Camovement by Cam Be | Soundtrack by Thelonious Martin

Daft Punk inspired art

Daft Punk and original art combine in Daft Punk Deux – a second annual art show kicking off today in San Francisco and on display until June 21st. As you can see in the gallery above, artists took the anonymous electronic duo as an inspiration for some work that really does speak to the group’s music and characteristics. If you’re a San Francisco reader, I highly suggest looking this gallery up (the flyer is also in the slideshow) and checking this out in person. Plus, no doubt the gallery will be playing some Daft Punk so you’re in for some good tunes too.

My favorites are actually the vertical paintings seen bigger below…

Solar Sailor by Scott Scheidly
Solar Sailor by Scott Scheidly
Human After All by Chase Tafoya
Human After All by Chase Tafoya
Daft Stance by Craig Drake
Daft Stance by Craig Drake

New Banksy Art

Above lies an all-new, confirmed piece from Banksy, posted on his website, and located somewhere in the U.K. (that’s as close we are to narrowing down the location). The mysterious graffiti artist expresses a commentary on technology in today’s world, humorously depicting a couple in love… with their smart phones. C’mon, we all have friends who are too dependent on our smart phones. Or we can even look in the mirror and admit that it’s us that’s too dependent sometimes. As an aside, one thing that I’ve been trying and finding successful, is simply turning off my phone for 3 hours and focus on other technology-independent passions. Try it!


Back to Banksy, the images below are of a suspected new piece located in Cheltenham, a borough of Gloucestershire, England. This one is just as striking, though not as direct of a message as above. It could easily be Banksy based on the style, but it is not confirmed.




Peyton Manning mural in Denver

We’re just days away from the Super Bowl and you know the city of Denver is getting crazy in anticipation for Sunday. Evidence of that is above as Denver’s Gamma Gallery painted this awesome two-story mural of Omaha’s biggest fan: Peyton Manning.

The detail is phenomenal. I particularly love the sun hitting the helmet and the windows of the building acting as pseudo shoulder patches. Now, I just need to see if Seattle’s Russell Wilson mural is cooler so I can decide who to root for on Sunday.

I got two more neat Super Bowl things I saw on Facebook today that are both worth sharing. If you clicked on this post for the Peyton Manning mural, you’ll enjoy these…

1. The Simpsons have a prediction for this year’s Super Bowl dating back to a 2005 episode ‘Bonfire of the Manatees’. Ok, now I know what to root for.


2. Richard Sherman is NOT the best corner in the game.