RZA to direct new ‘Spoken Word’ film

RZA’s newest film endeavor will involve more artists from the hip hop world and is directly connected to spoken word.

That’s because RZA is set to direct the film titled… wait for it… Spoken Word. Azealia Banks is set for the lead character, Coco, with Common and Jill Scott reportedly to star too. Here’s the premise, from the IMDB page. Sounding good!

Banks will play a fiery 20-something female rapper named Coco. Set in Brooklyn, the film documents her struggles in pursuing a career in hip-hop, while also attempting to fulfill her parent’s expectations of finishing college. Having returned to school, Coco soon discovers the vivid world and ultimate power of the spoken word, where she finds her one true voice and an unlikely love in the classroom.

Azealia Banks “Heavy Metal & Reflective”

A little bit of a new direction for Azealia Banks as she is now released from Universal. The upbeat, machine gun bounce of “Heavy Metal & Reflective” feels like it would translate to a EDM show as this energy now gets a music video with Azealia chained up and motorbikes galore. Give it a look-see  for something different today.