Bas “Fiji Water In My Iron” f/ K Quick

Bas premieres the video for the hilariously titled “Fiji Water In My Iron” with help from K Quick and model Stacey Hash as the love interest. Naturally, this takes place in a laundromat. Has anyone ever met someone there? I feel like I only see that scene in movies, and now music videos. Anywho…

Drake announces OVO Fest lineup

OVO Fest is already going on 6 years, which is crazy to think about, but it’ll go down the first weekend of August without a hitch and today, Drake announced the full lineup.

Looks like he’ll be merging J. Cole’s summer tour and calling on good friend Kevin Hart to perform in the T. Dot. No doubt the ‘6th’ version of OVO Fest will be a special one given that Views From The 6 should be up next.

In other news… (as you may have suspected…)

Bas “Mook In New Mexico”

When you think of Last Winter, the title of Bas’ new EP, you think of snow, skis, insert X winter imagery here. That’s not the case for the melodic “Mook In New Mexico” as Bas stands amongst nighttime fire and then takes to an empty New Mexico airplane hangar and desert for the visuals. Good hip hop vibes as one of the busy Monday’s best releases so far today.

Bas “Vacation”

You all know how good a vacation can do ya. Bas acknowledges that but the Dreamville rapper also has a way of keepin’ home in mind. He explains:

The song was me trying to express that through all our travels there’s still a sense of home,” Bas says of “Vacation. No matter where I’m at, I love New York. The whole point of vacation is to get away from your city, so that was a way for me to say, I don’t go on vacation in that sense. I speak on being present in the moment. ‘Vacation’ is a reminder to stay woke, to stay in the present. I’m not on vacation. I’m very much here.

After seeing him live, it made me appreciate Bas’ style even more. I’m diggin’ the concept of “Vacation” off his words alone so watch above!