Beastie Boys & Nas “Too Many Rappers”

Unreleased Beastie Boys video? Yeah, you read that right. The Roman Coppola directed video for the Nas assisted track “Too Many Rappers” off of the trio’s 2011 project, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, surfaced today and fans couldn’t be happier. The video finds the Beastie Boys and Nas in, what seems to be, good spirits and having fun. The video itself was found by a fan in Ireland and posted on a Beastie Boys message board and was posted on film editor Neil Usatin’s website.

Enjoy what is probably the last video the Beastie Boys made before the passing of MCA. Shouts to Pitchfork for the find!

Jeopardy! 90s Rap Category

What’s better than a rap category on Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek rapping some classic 90s hip hop songs in a rap category on Jeopardy!

In the Battle of the Decades episodes this week, the game’s best players return and are greeted with this 90s Rap Song category wherein, perhaps the most famous Jeopardy! player of ’em all, Ken Jennings, gets the most correct. I won’t spoil anything other than that so you can play along as well.

4 Monks breakdance tribute to Adam Yauch

As the headline indicates, this is pretty sweet.

This past weekend on May 3rd was MCA Day in New York City, with May 4th marking the three-year anniversary of Adam Yauch’s unfortunate passing due to cancer at the age of 47. In one of the cooler tributes I’ve seen, a group of Tibetan monks, paying homage to Yauch’s leadership in spreading awareness on Tibet’s liberation, put down a dope break dance routine over “Ch-Check It Out”.

My favorite move is probably at the 44 second mark… save for the conclusion actually so watch all the way through! R.I.P. Adam Yauch.