2 World Trade Center tower revealed

Danish architect firm, and one of my personal favorites, BIG, has revealed plans for the new World Trade Center tower that will finish the frame of the WTC plaza and park and once again transform the NYC skyline. The steps of the exterior are unmistakable and it looks beautiful under night. The best part though: these messages on the ceilings visible from down below. Enjoy the gallery above.

h/t DesignBoom

LEGO Business Cards

If I had to ask, you could probably remember a business card you received that stood out due to its unique design? For me: @TeddyWaffles has a clear business card that is just that. For anyone who meets a LEGO exec, it’s their LEGO likeness.

LEGO corporate communications director Charlotte Simonsen confirmed to QZ that mostly senior managers have these LEGO Business Cards — mini-figures in their likeness and their phone and e-mail on the back to redefine the standard “business card”. How cool is that?


In LEGO related news, BIG has officially begun construction on the LEGO House — LEGO’s new, upcoming headquarters previously featured here in the Design section. As I said there, it’s a project I’m excited for and as Bjarke Ingels instagrams, he lays down the ironic first foundation brick below. Big day for LEGO, huh?


BIG’s “Zootopia” for Denmark

When you think of BIG in the architecture world, you’re first thought is usually appropriate? Seriously, with every design, the Denmark firm pushes boundaries into a previously unseen future. Their latest endeavor is a “Zootopia” for their native country. The Danish press is claiming it “the world’s most advanced zoo” featuring a 4km hiking trail connecting different “continents” (Africa, Asia, and the Americas) to separate the wildlife found there. Plus, look at this mode of transportation for the patrons. I oddly can’t wait til 2019, which is when the first phase is expected to be completed.

h/t ArchDaily (for more)

A Power Plant x Ski Slope

Say what?

Leave it to BIG — the internationally renowned architecture firm based in Denmark (and previously featured on GWHH) — to mix a power plant with a ski slope.

In a new interview with Dezeen, firm founder Bjarke Ingels likens the firm’s design approach to an “architectural game of Twister”, which is how they arrived at putting a ski slope twice the length of Sochi’s half-pipe as the roof for a new power plant.

Ingels cites the cleanliness and efficiency of the plant’s operations, featuring completely non-toxic smoke emanating out of the chimney, will make the “science-fiction idea” of the ski slope roof possible.

It’s really going to transform people’s perception of what a public utility building should be. There is this world-changing element in architecture, that once you’re done, now that’s how the world is. When you started it was a crazy idea, now it’s just how it is.

Bjarke Ingels

Another inspiration behind the plant x ski slope design? How about Denmark’s goose egg in Sochi Winter Olympics medals? Yup! Ingels remarks with a smile, “Some people might have noticed that Denmark got zero medals in Sochi. We hope to contribute to improving that situation by actually giving the Danes a home slope where they can practice.”

Phenomenal, outside-of-the-box idea from a firm that’s as abstract there is. I can’t say I’m not surprised either being so familiar with BIG’s body of work. My mind wandered in two directions: 1. The Simpsons need to do this to the Nuclear Power Plant so we can see Homer ski into work. And 2. What other hybrid possibilities can BIG do? For example: who wouldn’t want to ride a water slide into a fire department? To BIG: I’m available. E-mail me.

(Dezeen‘s full interview is below, accompanied by images in the gallery.)

LEGO Architecture’s LEGO House

I’ve long been amongst the millions… and millions… of fans of the LEGO Architecture series, which takes classic, iconic buildings across the world and transforms them into customized LEGO sets. In fact, we rep Chicago with LEGO Architecture sets of the Willis Tower and John Hancock right when you come into the office, as seen here.

Now, LEGO has revealed the first unbuilt structure to be a part of their growing series: their own LEGO House, as designed by BIG (a very meta move, respect.) As you’ll see in the amazing fly-thrus above, the LEGO House will double as a headquarters and “experience” museum in their hometown of Billund, Denmark. And in true LEGO form, BIG designed the building in blocks, stacking them on each other to result in a larger, LEGO style house. The video not only spotlights the layers and functions of the blocks but also gives us a full tour of the interior, including the LEGO exhibits. BIG did a phenomenal job with the design, renderings, and animation and when the building is completed in 2016, it will be a must-visit for anyone who grew up on LEGOs (like me!).

For now, the LEGO House Set is only available in Billund and hitting eBay like it was the new Yeezys. Hopefully soon it’ll be shipped to the LEGO Store at Water Tower Place so I can add to the collection.




h/t ArchDaily