Bill Simmons “Last Call”

Man, thank you Reddit for the most obscure anything.

I stumbled on a link to Bill Simmons’ version of “Last Call”, in which he described his journey to land at ESPN over a 40 minute podcast a couple months ago… now perfectly set to the “Last Call” instrumental in the background. It’s not distracting and only adds to the motivation given Kanye’s infamous journey described on the College Dropout outro.

For any sports fan or writer out there, you’ll most definitely be inspired by Bill’s story and since you’re here, you’re also a Kanye West fan too so this mix should be perfect.

Oh, and of course, HBD Kanye!

Drake rides for the Raptors

Last week when Drake appeared on Bill & Jalen’s NBA Preview, he talked about the evolution of his hometown Raptors into the East’s 3 seed and the franchise’s best moments. Above is an all-new video released by Grantland today — the extended version. Watch Drake, Bill, and Jalen banter about more Raptors-related topics including management, how his role as global ambassador of the team came about, and what this year’s run means for the city of Toronto. Plus, Jalen recalls some times as a player for the Raptors meeting a young Drake and Melanie Fiona.

And just because I finally have the perfect post to include this in…

Drake Lint Roller Raptors

The Raptors are now 1-0 when Drake remembers to bring his lint roller.

Hey, like always, Drizzy had fun with it…


Drake x Bill & Jalen’s Playoff Preview

As part of a week-long web series on Grantland, Bill Simmons & Jalen Rose are breaking down the league’s burning questions heading into the start of the NBA Playoffs on Saturday.

For one of the questions, Bill and Jalen sit down with Drake in the Grantland Studios, which should come as no surprise to anyone who caught Drake with them on ESPN NBA Countdown last week.

Of course, the topic at hand is Drake’s hometown Raptors as he answers, “If the Raptors make the conference finals, would that be the greatest moment in Toronto basketball history?” In the process, Drake reps for the T. Dot and explains the intense fanbase. Watch the quick clip above, and for any NBA fan, dive into more of the Playoff Preview here (I may or may not have watched every video because they’re that fun and thought-provoking, and I’ve watched every Bill & Jalen video in the past 2 seasons because they’re that fun and thought-provoking.)

Drake on ESPN’s NBA Countdown

Earlier today, it was announced that Drake will be this year’s ESPYs host, so to keep the good ESPN momentum going, Drizzy stopped by the ESPN NBA Countdown studios. I happened to catch this live and was a little mind blown to see their worlds collide. After all, I’m a Drake fan and Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are two of my favorite sports personalities and then Drake jokingly tells Bill he gets a little loose after a couple Mike’s Hard Lemonades. Ha! Watch a clip above, ICYMI.


Avery Johnson, Jalen Rose, Drake, & Bill Simmons
Avery Johnson, Jalen Rose, Drake, & Bill Simmons